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Puffco Peak Review: Bringing Revolution to Dabbing

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Puffco Peak Review: Bringing Revolution to Dabbing
The Puffco Peak created quite when it came out in March 2018 by revolutionizing the way you consume concentrates. Since then, the device got sold to tens of thousands of dabbers who want a dab rig-like experience with a modern vaporizer. Read our Puffco Peak review to know more about this futuristic e-Rig!

What is Puffco Peak?

Sleek, modern, and stylish, the Puffco peak falls within the league of elite handheld vaporizers. It stands a convenient 7" tall, with a cone-shaped boro glass bubbler top. The glass top resembles a mountain peak, which is the inspiration for its unique name.

The base is compact and surprisingly steady, with its silicone exterior measuring 2.75". Inside is a highly efficient ceramic atomizer made up of a ceramic heating plate. On top is a ceramic bucket that vaporizes your concentrates. Both of these are easily replaceable, ensuring that you can continue to use the Peak to its fullest.

Vaping Technology

What's great about the Peak is that it has a smart temperature control with haptic feedback. Calibrating the unit is easy, ensuring that you fully vaporize your dabs evenly and burn free.

With its smart technology and careful engineering, the device provides efficient temperature calibration without a torch. As a result, you get terrific hits every time that is almost similar to traditional dab rigs.

How long does the battery last?

The base also houses a rechargeable battery that can carry enough juice for 30-35 dabs, depending on your temperature setting. It's got an LED indicator that will flash red when the battery's empty. It only takes two hours to reach a full charge.

Can you use the Puffco Peak while charging? Technically you can, but that will interfere with the process. To preserve battery life, we don't recommend that you use it while charging. You can extend the time between each charge by pressing on the power button for 3 seconds to turn the unit off.

Temperature control

Puffco peak has a 20-sec average heating time with four temperature settings

  • Blue - 450°F

  • Green – 500°F

  • Orange – 550°F

  • White – 600°F

A click on the button cycles through the different temperature settings, allowing you to get the best flavor and experience. Although you lack precise temperature control, these preset temps are sufficient to give you the type of vapor quality that you're looking for.

Want to extend the heating time in between sessions? Puffco Peak also has a sesh mode, giving you an added 15 secs of heating time. Use this when you're sharing with friends, or if you want better vapor production.

Ease of Use

Any Puffco Peak review will rave about its ease of use. Its low learning curve makes it one of the easiest e-Rigs to adapt to. After its debut, Puffco made sure that there's little to no room for user error that can interfere with using the Peak.

With its haptic and visual feedback, you no longer have to guess when is the right time to hit your rig. No more keeping an eye out on the timer, and there's no waste of concentrates either.

Vaping experience

The Peak is more than just eye candy and style. Many discriminating dabbers know what they want, and they can get it in this device. It's one of the best e-Rig in the market that is hard to beat. With its ceramic bowl and heating system, you get thick, milky vapor that is full of taste and body. It's a dream to use, and the portability gives it plus points for convenience and storage.

Is Puffco Peak worth it?

The Peak continues to this day as one of the best handheld dab vaporizers. It combines the functionality of a dab rig and the modern convenience of a dab pen. The sleek and sophisticated package fits comfortably well in your grip, allowing for smooth one-hand operation. With its compact design and carrying case, it's a vaporizer that you can take almost anywhere.

Puffco didn't create this product for frugal vapers. It's one of the most expensive vaporizers that can intimidate most dabbers from buying. However, the company makes sure that it's not a one-time flash-in-the-pan kind of thing. With engineering precision and a keen eye for details, Puffco made sure that the Peak gives you your money's worth.

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