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An Honest Review of the Pulsar Dab Rig

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An Honest Review of the Pulsar Dab Rig
Pulsar first entered the vaping industry with their Pulsar 7, a handheld portable vaporizer. Years later, you can now get different smoking and dabbing arsenals like handheld pipes and water pipes. On center stage today is the Pulsar dab rig. Made with borosilicate glass, this dab rig brand is one of the best yet affordable dabbing pieces that give you the smoothest and cleanest experience. The included quartz banger with the dab rig keeps in heat and vaporizes your concentrates efficiently. Here’s our Pulsar dab rig review to help you learn more about this brand.

Pulsar dab rig’s body

Each dab rig is made with high-quality borosilicate glass. You’ll see and feel the build of the glass piece each time you use it. All Pulsar dab rigs are designed to help you enjoy the full flavor of your concentrates without wasting any vapor through unnecessary air space.

You also have different options to choose from. You can get scientific glass pieces like the Pulsar Combo Dab Rig-Bong that comes with a showerhead perc. Although it’s a combo piece, the clear glass body allows you to see how thick the milk gets as you take a dab. The hits are smooth and easy, whether you’re using it for concentrates, or herbs, or even both! At 10.25” tall, it’s sturdy and stable enough to allow you to add ash or reclaim catchers on each side.

The size is also just right for avid dabbers. They’re not too big like a bong is that it will dilute the flavor of your concentrate. Clearing the vapor is easy, with no pull resistance. Unless you are a fan of big snake dabs, you don’t have to use too much lung action to take in the entire vapor in one go. Each dab rig is carefully crafted to ensure that you get a simple, smooth, and easy dabbing experience.

Pulsar’s dab rig’s quartz banger

Now, another great thing about getting a Pulsar dab rig is the quartz banger that comes with it. They heat evenly can sufficiently maintain the heating temperature without problems. The bangers are thick and can take the heat for high temp-dabs, and hold the temperature for low-temp dabs. They are sturdy, won’t easily break, and matches both the size of your rig and dabs.

Mini Rigs

For those who are fans of everything small and portable, you guys are going to love Pulsar’s mini dab rigs. They are so small and compact, yet they get the job done. You can have fun in the dark with your dabbing friends with the UV Green Pulsar Dab Rig with Showerhead Perc. At 5.5” tall, this dab rig gives serious rips. The bell-shaped bottom provides enough water to cool down smoke for smooth dabs without losing the flavor of your concentrates.

Pulsar Silicone 14mm Male Inline Perc Dab Rig With Quartz Banger 8 inch Nothing spells durable other than a silicone dab rig from Pulsar

For a good splash of color, you can also get the Pulsar Glass 14mm Female Disc Perc. It’s small enough to fit in your traveling bag and has an efficient disc perc for maximum colling and filtration. The dab rig also has a built-in reclaim catcher to gather your reclaim for effortless harvesting.

Do you always tip your dab rig over while you’re preparing your concentrates and tools? Or are you the type of person who prefers small dabs that hits you down to the core? This Pulsar Diffused Downstem Mini Rig has a hockey-puck shape that spreads its weight on your table, making it stable and less likely to tip over. You can even use an electric nail to use this little guy to make your life easier.

Are you always breaking your dab rig? Get the RIP Series!

Even though Pulsar dab rigs are made with high-quality borosilicate glass, they don’t stand a chance against strong impact. Silicone dab rigs, like the Pulsar RIP Lava Flow Silicone Dab Rig, can hang out with you on the great outdoors without worries. Made with unbreakable silicone, you can pack it in your luggage, throw it (without the banger, of course), and drop it to great heights, and it won’t break. It comes in several parts, making it easy to clean and store after use.

Pulsar dab rigs are fun to use and made to last long. They are made with quality materials that will give you one of the best dabbing experiences. Click here now and get your own Pulsar dab rig today.


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