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Pulsar Faberge Egg Dab Rig Review

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Pulsar Faberge Egg Dab Rig Review
It’s BigDaddySmoke’s Review Friday! Right now our product in feature is the Pulsar Faberge Egg Dab Rig.


Dimension: 9-11 inches in height
Use: concentrates
Material: Borosilicate glass
Mouthpiece: Flared
Draw Resistance: Light to moderate
BigDaddySmoke Price: $63.99-$107.12


  • Offers great percolation with its multiple chambers

  • A visual and conversational piece

  • Durable design

  • Maximum diffusion

  • Almost zero backsplash


  • Challenging to clean

  • Can be thick and unwieldy.

Pulsar Glass 14mm Female Fixed Diffused Downstem Perc Dab Rig With Quartz Banger 9 Inch The Faberge Egg Dab Rig

The unit

The Faberge Egg Dab Rig by Pulsar is an impressive smoking piece that is a combination of art, science, and a whole lot of skilled craftsmanship. It’s named after a costly limited edition of jewel-encrusted eggs designed and created by the House of Faberge. It’s one of the most expensive piece of jewelry. With only 50 of them created, an egg can cost a few millions of dollars. The Faberge Egg Dab Rig design was originally created in 2012 by master glass blowers Scotte Deppe and Jake C of Mothership Glass. As with its namesake, the Mothership Faberge Egg Dab rig came with a shocking six-figure price. The master glassblowers spared no expense in creating their one pieces from German Schott glass.

The design of the Faberge Egg dab rig is unmistakable. Inside the water chamber are several hollow spherical compartments with holes. Many describe the Faberge Egg do be a bong within a dab rig with its glass-in-glass designs. If you look at it closely, it’s like a Swiss perc with several chambers. The only difference is, a Swiss perc only has one whole water vessel with multiple chambers. The Faberge Egg Dab Rig has another water vessel within its water vessel.

The Pulsar Faberge Egg features a bent neck, a reinforced joint, and a solid rock-steady base. The compact design of the Swiss holes within the chamber gives a tight hold of the water. This keeps the water inside the chamber while allowing the user to taste every bit of flavor of concentrate.

The percolation

This baby is more than just an eyepiece. It’s a seriously wicked smoking device that separates your vapor in a turbulent of bubbles, increasing its surface area for filtration and cooling. Most Pulsar Faberge Egg Dab Rigs come with an added percolator at the bottom. It can be a showerhead, Swiss, or propeller perc.

This Pulsar FabEgg

Ease of use

Pulsar Faberge Egg dab rigs come with a bent neck that keeps you away from the heat of the nail or banger. It also makes dabbing comfortable, especially with the flared mouthpiece. It’s also easy to convert to an e-Rig if you want to stay away from the torch.


Just like your regular dab rig, a Faberge Egg needs to get cleaned after each use. Cleaning is easy. Warm isopropyl alcohol of 90% proof or higher is all you need to clean out the oil. Since you don’t have any combustion going on, you don’t have to worry about sticky flower resin in your rig. After getting out the residue, it’s easy to rinse the dab rig in hot water.

The Pulsar Faberge Egg is a stunning piece of dabbing equipment. Not only is it great to look at, but it’s also highly efficient in giving you smooth, flavorful hits. If you want to try out a FabEgg dab rig without breaking the bank, we highly recommend our Pulsar FabEgg series.

What makes the Faberge Egg wonderful and easy to use for you? What perc did your rig come with? Please share your experience with us in our comment section below!


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