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Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3: Portability for Modern Dabbers

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Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3:  Portability for Modern Dabbers
Pulsar is one of the veterans in the vaping industry. After their success with their flagship vaporizer, which is the Pulsar 7, they soon launched different smoking and vaping products. Let’s have a look at the Pulsar Hand E-Nail V3 and see if will be up to the standards of discriminating vapers

The Pulsar Hand-E Nail V3

The Pulsar Hand E-Nail V3 is a powerful, handy and highly portable dabbing system for your favorite wax or oil concentrates. The unit comes with a hard case storage box that will safely hold your vaporizer inside your luggage. You also get a magnetic dab tool with a carb cap to make dabbing easier. At the top, you’ll see a ceramic plate that helps regulate the heat and prevents it from reaching the body. Sitting at the apex of this ceramic plate is a titanium nail for vaporizing your concentrates.

What makes it different from portable dab vaporizers like the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Dab Pen is the bubbler attachment. It’s made out of durable glass material and designed to sit on top of the V3. The water chamber is at the side to keep it separate from the unit. With its angled mouthpiece, using the V3 is simple and convenient. You have a 18650 Li-ion battery that has a 2500mAh capacity. Depending on your dabbing temperature, your Pulsar V3 can last for 5-6 dabs.

Although the unit may come in multiple parts, assembly is easy. It’s also simple to take apart once you’re done dabbing for the day.

E-nail operation

The Pulsar E-Nail V3 has a three-click on/off locking system for safe use. The battery It has enough juice to heat your e-nail to ~650 °F to 1000 °F. Make sure to fully charge the V3 before you use it for the first time. To use your E-nail:

  1. Attach your preferred nail to the V3 by turning it clockwise.

  2. Fill the bubbler with water 1/4 its capacity and make sure all parts are dry before attaching it to the unit. Place the carb cap on the bubbler as well. Turn it on by pressing the button 3 times (titanium) or 5 times (ceramic) to turn it on. The pilot light will glow white as the unit heats up. The color will change to green after approximately 25 seconds.

  3. Remove the carb cap and carefully apply your concentrate. Draw from the mouthpiece and inhale.

  4. Keep the vapor in for 2-3 seconds before exhaling.

The unit will stay heated for 30 seconds before turning off. For low temp dabs, you can add your concentrate before heating or in the middle of the heating cycle. If you want high-temp dabs, cycle the unit again before adding your concentrate. The more you use the unit, the hotter it gets unless you increase the length of rest in between dabs.

Vaping experience

This little guy packs quite a punch. With its high-capacity battery, it works surprisingly well for vaporizing your concentrate. The cloud production is pretty decent, and the bubbler attachment does an excellent job of cooling and cleaning your concentrates.

There is a bit of a learning curve when you’re using the rig, but you can easily get past that. If you’re a leisurely dabber, you may have to chase the heat as it doesn’t stay hot long enough. Once you turn it on, you have to be ready to start dabbing. It’s also a bit top-heavy, so you have to make sure it’s upright on the table before you let it go.

It’s a vaporizer you’ll want to bring with you

If you love doing dabs but don’t like using a torch, this Pulsar Hand E-Nail V3 is the vaporizer for you. It’s easy to use, has a very little learning curve, and handy to operate. Whether you prefer low-temp or high-temp dabs, this tiny device is more than capable of giving you the dabs that you need wherever and whenever.

The V3 certainly has its limitations when it comes to temperature control. It’s not something that you should get if you’re looking for a customized dabbing session. However, if you find that setting multiple temperatures on an e-nail device is driving you crazy, the simple operation of the V3 is just the thing for you.

Want to have one for yourself? Click here now and order the Pulsar E-Nail V3 for your next dabbing session on the go!


  • I just bought 1 and it works great.battery dosnt last to long but works fantastic..

    Daniel Ouellette
  • I just bought 1 and it works great.battery dosnt last to long but works fantastic..

    Daniel Ouellette

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