Kinds of Bong Ash Catchers and Where to Get Them

August 14, 2018 Bong Parts

Kinds of Bong Ash Catchers and Where to Get Them

Although frequent bong users will undoubtedly be familiar with the accessory called bong ash catcher, not all understand the convenience it offers. Since bongs are often made up of glass, they can be challenging to clean. This process can be especially tiresome if you have to keep on using a water-and-cleaning-solution combination. The use of an ash catcher with your bong helps prevent such a frustration.

For those who are new to this, a bong ash catcher is an attachment for the joint. It is like a mini bong that has a bowl and a percolator or a diffuser. Most are made of glass and use water to filter the smoke. Some ash catchers even use brilliant tube placements to let air work its magic.  Therefore, the purpose of a bong ash catcher is to keep the bong clean.

Kinds of Bong Ash Catchers

  • Plain

The typical ash catcher does not have a percolator.  It works by allowing the smoke to go through the dry ash catcher before it goes into the bong. Because of its simplicity, it does not cool the smoke. However, it does its job of ensuring that the bong stays clean by catching the ash.

  • Percolation

Ash catchers with percolators are among the most popular types. They use water to filter the ash and debris during smoking sessions. Also, they cool the smoke before it goes through the piece. In fact, most bong users love the non-diffused ash catcher types because these are easier to clean. However, these kinds of ash catchers are prone to splash backs, which is when water comes up from the chamber through the bowl.

  • Diffusion

This type of ash catcher does not use water. It works by diffusing smoke before sending it through the piece. But, it still cools the smoke while a cavity within the chamber catches the ashes. A bong user with this kind of ash catcher need not worry about splash backs, although he may find it more challenging to clean.
image of bong ash catcher

Finding the Right Ash Catcher

So, you may have already decided on buying an ash catcher. However, you need to get one that is the right fit for your bong. Since each bong has a joint that can either be male or female, you need to find out the size of your bong’s joint. Lastly, you need to consider if your bong can accommodate the ash catcher’s weight.

  • Angle

Most bong joints come in either 45-degree or 95-degree angles. So if you end up buying an ash catcher with the wrong angle, you will likely be disappointed. Most likely your recycler ash catcher may be angled too low or too high to function correctly with your bong. Also, if you have a custom-made piece, it may have an irregular angle, and you would need to get an ash catcher that fits it.

  • Gender

Before you buy an ash catcher, you need to check first if the fitting is a male or a female. Then, you need to buy an ash catcher according to said fitting. For instance, a bong with a female joint needs a bong ash catcher with a male fitting. While most bongs are female, you may discover that dab rigs often have male fittings. Therefore, remember to check your bong before you shop for an ash catcher. Also, it would be wise to buy an adapter if you have bongs and accessories that do not fit together.

  • Size

Size does matter. Most joints come in 10 millimeters, 14 millimeters, and 18 millimeters. For example, if your bong can only accommodate attachments that are 18 millimeters in size, you need to search for an inline ash catcher with an 18-millimeter joint. If you want an ash catcher with a different joint size than your bong, you can buy a slide adapter to do the trick. Most custom bongs, however, have variable joint sizes that come with their attachments, so you have to take that into account.

  • Weight

While most ash catchers can be sources of pride because of their beauty, their aesthetics won’t matter if they won’t fit into your bong.  For instance, some eye-catching ash catchers can be more challenging to manage because they are more sizeable than the rest. Thus, if you buy a honeycomb ash catcher, you must consider its size. After all, an enormous ash catcher can knock over your bong. So if you want a more significant and sizeable ash catcher, you need to ensure that your bong has a sturdy and secure base.

Remember, manufacturers can produce a bong ash catcher that comes in standard shapes and sizes. But, if you want a unique ash catcher, you can buy an adapter if you’re going to work around any bong’s joint size or gender issues.

Where to Get Your Ash Catchers
picture of bong ash catcher

You will not encounter problems if you want to buy the best ash catcher because it is legal to purchase one.

A bong ash catcher is available from the following:

  • Dispensaries
  • Novelty gift shops
  • Online stores

Now, some individuals may have reservations about buying ash catchers online. Nowadays, however, buying them from online stores is becoming increasingly common because doing so is inexpensive and legal. Besides, most online shops protect the privacy of their buyers. Furthermore, they ensure that customers get their orders in tip-top shape and condition. In fact, authentic online shops that sell bong ash catchers also have easy return policies in case you are not satisfied with your order.


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