Understanding Bong Bowl Sizes and How to Measure Properly

August 10, 2018 Bong Parts

Understanding Bong Bowl Sizes and How to Measure Properly

Throughout history, humans have invented things for entertainment and leisure. Bong, which is a type of pipe or similar smoking device, is one of those inventions. Bong is commonly used for smoking and a great alternative to cigarettes. It is one of the most popular and likable media for smoking.


Determining the Basics of Bong Bowls and Different Types

A bong bowl is basically a filtration device, which can filter the smoke of your favorite smoking product with water to make less harmful smoke. You can use it with any smoking substance, such as tobacco. Most of the bong bowls are made with cylindrical tubes, and they can store water at the bottom or base of the bowl.


For the past few years, it has become widely popular in many regions worldwide. You can find many kinds of bong bowls according to their sizes, types, and features. The availability of these bong bowls can be a deal-breaker because you can get these bowls from authorized shops only or a few online stores.
image of Bong bowl sizes

Bong bowl sizes vary according to personal preferences. You get to choose from 8-inch-high bong bowls to 14 inches tall, or maybe even taller. You can find many types of bong bowls in various stores, local and international, and each of them has great features and reliability. Typically, bong bowls are categorized in varying types where you can choose any of them according to your desire.


  • Carburetor Bongs
  • Straight-tube Bongs
  • Beaker shape Bongs
  • Round-base Bongs
  • Fritted perc Bongs
  • Honeycomb beaker bongs
  • Multi-chamber Bongs
  • Percolator Bongs
  • Bucket Gravity Bongs


All of these types have different shapes and even different features. You can try a single one from the list depending on your choice. Before buying a bong, you should at least have knowledge of what you are purchasing and the corresponding parts.


By observing carefully, you can easily spot the parts of a bong bowl. First is the bowl that plays a crucial role and holds the smoke products. The second is the carburetor which helps you to clean your smoke through filtering. The down-stem, which can be seen in the middle is where the smoke travels from the base to the water. The base is something like a chamber where it stores the water. Lastly, the tube is the part of the whole basic bong bowl it transfers smoke from the chamber to the carburetor.


Easy Methods to Measure the Sizes of Bong Bowls
image of glass joint size

If you want to know how to measure the sizes of bong bowls, you can directly compare two different bong bowls with each other to see the differences in size and parts. Usually, herb slides have two sizes, which are 14mm and 18mm, but other stores may offer more sizes.


For accurate measuring and determining the correct length of down-stem, you will need to insert an object into your bong’s female joint on the lower piece and compare it with other bongs. You will have to leave the gap between the water chamber and the female joint. After checking out the water level beneath, you can put a mark on the down-stem at the very last point below the joint. In this way, checking out the filling level is done easily.


The height can determine the glass joint size of the bong bowl. The standard joint sizes of bongs start from 10mm up to 18.8mm, while you can identify the 14mm glass joint size as a mid-size bong bowl.

Identifying the Types of Joints in Your Bongs

Every bong contains two types of joints, which are male and female. Both of these joints are specific in size, and you can only install a water pipe on it if the male and female joints match.

Male joints should be compatible with bong bowls and are replaceable with other random-sized bong bowls. The material used in bong bowls is mainly glass because it is durable and can last a long time.

If you want to experience real fun, you can attach both joints and start smoking. Though separated, a bowl can also work similar to bongs but not as satisfactorily with both joints attached.

For holding the ingredients, removable components are attached to the bongs. The most common of them is the bowl piece, which usually comes as a 14mm bowl or an 18mm bowl. If you want bowls in bigger sizes, you can try to search for them in various online stores.
picture of bong bowl joint

Some of the people like custom-sized bong bowls which can be bigger than 18mm. If you are interested in buying a bong bowl and it is your first time, the 14mm would be the perfect size for you. Although you can obtain a vast variety of bong bowls, you can buy a decent one for a couple hundred dollars.

Some of the stores offer some significant discounts these days. If you are wondering where to buy a brand-new bong bowl, you can check out reliable sites. You can buy any size and type of herb slides with excellent quality from these sites for a reasonable price.


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