Bubbler vs. Bong: Getting the Perfect Option for Your Smoking Needs

December 31, 2019 Bong Posts

Bubbler vs. Bong: Getting the Perfect Option for Your Smoking Needs

Weighing the difference between bubbler vs. bong? We’ll give you a comprehensive rundown to help you make the best buying decision based on your smoking needs.


Cali Crusher Boro Glass Upright Bubbler 4.5

A bubbler has a small size that fits perfectly in your hand.

Bubblers are smaller and more compact compared to a bong. Even if you place a mini bong and a bubbler side by side, the bubbler will still win in the tiny competition. This handy size makes it ideal for young smokers who want something they can carry around.

You can easily hide a bubbler in your trunk, drawer, and even behind some decorative pieces. It’s perfect for someone who prefers to travel and can’t seem to stay in one place for a long time. They’re also lighter, easier to carry because of their small size.

A bong, on the other hand, can come in different sizes. Depending on what you want, a bong can get as big as this Pulsar Fat Can Double Slit Matrix Perc Bong with Ice Catcher 18”. You can even get a bong that’s 24” tall if you want big, massive hits that will push your lungs to the limit! However, this makes a bong harder to carry around. If you set it on the table, it stays there to keep it from accidents.


A bubbler has a smaller bowl, which limits the number of herbs you can light up. If you’re just a beginner or want to level up form a one-hitter, the bubbler is just perfect. It has a push bowl that’s deep enough for a few hits, and the size is just right for getting a good volume of smoke. However, the size of the bowl does limit your sesh. If you’re going to share, don’t use your bubbler.

A bong, on the other hand, can be useful for beginners to experts. A mini bong can come with a small bowl like this GRAV bong bowl that can help you control the amount of smoke that you’ll get. If you’re in the mood to challenge yourself, there are big or multi-arm bong bowls that can give you that punch-in-the-face hits.

Style and versatility

When it comes to style, a bubbler can by trendy and chic like this Pink and Gold Bubbler accented with blue stripes.  The swirls of color give it a lively, fun vibe that you’d want to bring out and share with your smoking friends. However, that’s the limit of a bubbler. Whatever design it has, you’re staying in that design.

A bong, on the other hand, is perfect for those who like to experiment and enhance their smoking experience. Some bongs have removable parts, which are mostly your downstem and herb bowl. However, you can convert a bong to a dab rig as long it’s less than 9” tall. You can add ash catchers, use cooling coils, or have one with different percs for smoother, cooler hits.


If you’re prone to accidents, a bubbler is better. Because of its small size, glass blowers can afford to make it thicker without using additional glass material. Although it can still break, it’s not going to chip and shatter easily from a simple drop

A bong, on the other hand, has a wider surface area. They have thinner glass and, therefore, can easily break when you drop it.

In Smoke Attached Downstem Perc Beaker Bong 7.25 inch

A bong is easier to clean and maintain.


The small size and openings of a bubbler make it harder to clean than a bong. It also tends to get dirtier faster, since you’re dealing with a small area that condenses all those impurities. If you’re the type who’s not into aftercare, a bong is better. Because of the bigger air and water volume, you can use the bong longer without frequent water changes or cleanups. Because the openings are wider, they are also easier to clean. Just use a ResCap and you’re good to go. If it gets clogged, no problem! Just take out the downstem with the herb slide and use a different one as you clean it.


Because of the size and limited capacity for accessorizing, a bubbler is still cheaper compared to a bong. You can get the Swirl Strip Mini Glass Bubbler for $12.99, and the most expensive bubbler we have is the GRAV Upright Bubbler. Bongs have a wider and deeper price range. An acrylic bong can cost $19.99, while a RooR or Illadelph can go for the thousands.

We hope this comprehensive run-down gave you an idea of what to get for your smoking needs. When choosing between bubbler vs. bong, you have to think mostly about your needs for smoking as well as your sense of style. Got more questions? Please feel free to ask us in the comment section!


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