Can You Put Resin in a Dab Pen?

March 18, 2019 Dab Pen

Can You Put Resin in a Dab Pen?

Dabbing is no stranger to technology. Dab pens are getting increasingly popular over the years, and people are getting creative with using them. Commonly used for concentrates, a creative (or broke) dabber will eventually think of smoking resin out of a dab pen.

If you’ll be asking is if you can put resin in your Dr. Dabber Aurora Dab Pen, the answer to that is a yes and a no. Why? Because there are three types of resin known in the dabbing world, and they are resin, live resin, and cured resin.

What is resin?

Commonly, resin is the combustion byproduct of your herbs. It consists mostly of tar, carbon, and ash. It’s the sticky brown to blackish substance that you see collecting in a bong bowl, pipe, or glass blunt. It’s hard, sticky, and requires a bit of know-how to gather and use.

Putting sticky black resin inside your Dr. Dabber Aurora Dab Pen can potentially ruin its dual quartz coil

What is live resin?

Live resin, on the other hand, is a form of a concentrate that has a higher level of plant oil compared to others. It is extracted from either fresh or flash-frozen plant material instead of dried herbs. The result is a concentrate that is exceptionally flavorful and aromatic. It also has better medicinal and recreational effects than other concentrates.

What is cured resin?

This is a resin that you get from dried plant material. The extraction is done after the herb or flower is cured, hence the name cured resin. The resultant product is darker, with the color leaning more towards brown amber. The smell and taste, though, is slightly lighter compared to live resin.

What resin can I put in a dab pen?

You will have no problems if you vape using live or cured resin in your dab pen. This will be to your advantage because they are so potent. You only need a small amount to enjoy their relaxing and medicinal effects.

Using resin taken from combusted herb material, on the other hand, is not advisable. For one, it contains harmful chemicals that are harsh on your throat and lungs. It’s also very sticky and requires a high burning temperature to vaporize.

Think about all that effort and elbow grease you put into getting it out from your bong or pipe. The coils in dab pens are small and delicate. Once burned resin touches it, you will have a problem with removing it. If your coil is still working after dabbing with burned resin, your dabs will never taste the same again.

Only use proper concentrates on your dab pen. Using resin may be a good idea at first because it’s available and cheap. However, that will be like throwing money down the drain because you will either replace the coils or your dab pen altogether.


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