Can You Use Any Vape Pen for Dabs?

April 11, 2019 Dab Pen

Can You Use Any Vape Pen for Dabs?

There are two different types of vaping devices that will allow you to vape either herbs or concentrates. You have vape pens and dab pens. Because both of them look and function essentially in the same way, it’s normal for anyone to ask if you can use any vape pen for dabs. Let’s talk about the differences in both so that you can understand how each one differs.

What are vape pens?

Vape pens allow you to vaporize dry herbs and e-liquids, as well as oils. These vape pens have different heating chambers according to the material they will vaporize.

A dry herb vape pen usually has an oven that works either through conduction or convection. It functions just like a typical bong or pipe, but without the burning or combustion of your herbs. The result is a smoother hit that is full of flavor because of the absence of combustion by-products.

Dab pens like the Atmos Kiln heats up to a temperature sufficient for vaporizing concentrates.

A vape pen for e-liquids and oils has a heating chamber that delivers heat at a higher temperature in comparison. It usually comes with a 510 cartridge like the O.pen Vape that is either prefilled or you prepare yourself. To use your oil, you need to dilute it with a thinner or solvent. This procedure turns your oil into an e-liquid that you can load inside the cartridge.

What are dab pens?

A dab pen vaporizes dabs that are concentrated forms of essential oils and extracts from your herbs and flowers. Also called as concentrates, dabs are often in a solid or semi-solid form that will liquefy into a highly viscous material before they get vaporized. Because of the different stages the concentrates need to undergo before vaporization, the pen requires a special chamber and a higher temperature.

Can you use any vape pen for dabs?

You can only use e-liquids and herbs in vape pens because they don’t have the technology and capabilities to vaporize concentrates. Using dabs in your vape pen can only damage your unit. Concentrates are thick. Since vape pens cannot vaporize them correctly, your dabs will melt into a sticky useless glop at the bottom of your heating chamber. This will ruin the atomizer and possibly the whole unit itself should the concentrate leak down to the battery chamber.

There are 2-in-1 vape pens like the G Pen Nova and the Firefly 2, but there will be takeaways. They are either more efficient with vaping herbs, or highly useful for dabs instead.

If you want to use a portable vaporizer for dabs, choose from our collection of dab pens. They are guaranteed to provide a satisfactory vaping experience. You can select dab pens that offer smooth, flavorful vapes, or ones that give massive clouds and bold hits. Bear in mind that they do not heat up as high as a dab rig because of the battery capacity. However, dab pens are convenient to use, portable, and offer discreet vaping anywhere you go.

If you have questions about using your vape pen or dab pen, please do not hesitate to ask in the comment section below!


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