What’s a Ceramic Bong and How Do You Use It?

January 11, 2020 Bong Posts

What’s a Ceramic Bong and How Do You Use It?

When you search for bongs on the internet, you’ll usually see ones made out of glass and silicone. Acrylic bongs may pop up, but ceramic bongs are a rarity. However, these bongs are not getting the exposure that they deserve. Let’s have a close look at these bongs and how to use them properly for your sesh.

What is a ceramic bong?

This smoking piece is rumored to date back more or less 3,000 years, with its origins in Africa. It was the preferred material for smoking because of its several features. One is its high melting point. You can heat that bong up with your long, heavy sessions, and it’s still good for more. The hardness is also excellent. If you get a good-quality ceramic bong like our Purple Ceramic Coffee Cup Bong with Sip Puff Pass Motif, you’ll immediately notice that it’s got a good, solid feel to it.

These ceramic bongs often come with metal downstems and herb slides to complement the durability of the ceramic bong. Although it’s not as indestructible as a silicone bong, it’s not going to break as easily as glass.

rick and morty ceramic diffused downstemp bong with fixed metal bowl 8 inch

A ceramic bong has its own style and flair that makes them a hot item for collectors.

Stylish and creative

These bongs are more of artisan types. If glass bongs are for scientific designs, ceramic bongs give more room for artistic representation. The material provides the artist with more freedom to create designs that can be difficult to achieve with glass. The density allows the maker to use bold, striking colors that can be hard to achieve with glass. You can get fun and funky styles like the Rick and Morty Hand Glazed Ceramic Diffused Downstem Bong with Metal Bowl.

Ceramic bongs often come with a glaze that gives it a brilliance that almost rivals that of glass. If you love the opacity of a silicone bong, but prefer the shine you get from glass, then you should get a ceramic bong. Isn’t glaze toxic? Rest assured that the glaze used in making these bongs are safe. You won’t taste it in your hits, no matter how long you use the ceramic bong.


When it comes to functionality, ceramic bongs can give satisfying sessions. They do taste better than metal and acrylic bongs, but they’re not as smooth as glass. It can have a bit of resistance to it compared to glass because of the nature of the design.

Also, these bongs don’t have any percs added to them. Unless you’ve got a diffuser downstem, you’ve got a pretty basic bong in your hands. It’s hard to put a perc inside a bong shaped like a skull, a woman, or even a goblin!

Green 10oz Ceramic Cereal Bowl Bong

A ceramic bong has a different type of functionality compared to others.

Price and affordability

This is where a ceramic bong gets minus points. Because of the intricacy of design and the care taken to create a bong, you won’t get one as affordable as acrylic. Still, if you get a limited edition ceramic bong, you have an investment in your hands as it’s going to be something that many will look for and would love to get their hands on.

How do you use a ceramic bong?

Can’t find a step-by-step instruction, can you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If this is your first time using a ceramic bong, we’ll teach you how to do it right now!

  1. Remove the bowl and fill the ceramic bong with water about 1/3 of the water chamber. This is a bit difficult to check, so the best way is to create a pull test. If your pull is too easy and quiet, you need to add some more water. When your rips are too heavy and you get a backsplash, lessen the water.
  2. Grind your herbs to a medium-coarse grind and pack it firmly on your bowl.
  3. Insert the metal bowl in the joint of the ceramic bong.
  4. Pull through the mouthpiece and light up your herb.
  5. Keep dragging until you feel the smoke gather in your mouth. Don’t take too long, or you’ll get stale smoke.
  6. Once you feel you’ve got a good volume of smoke going, take out the herb slide and pull the smoke.
  7. Keep the smoke in for 2-3 seconds before releasing it.
  8. Repeat and enjoy!

Ceramic bongs are beautiful pieces that you can use to enjoy your herbs. If you’re looking to buy ceramic bongs, click here now to get yours!


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