3 of the Cheapest Places to Buy Beaker Bongs Online

November 28, 2018 Online Headshops

3 of the Cheapest Places to Buy Beaker Bongs Online

Some who want to try out using beaker bongs for the first time frequently go for something cheap. Here are three sites that offer cheap beaker bongs, and what customers say about their shops.

Fat Buddha Glass

Fat Buddha Glass offers beaker bongs for as low as $40. The 10” beaker bong on sale is good for those who wish to hit the bong for the first time. The beaker bongs they offer are durable, and most of the reviews for their 10” beaker bong are good. If you get lucky, you’ll be able to catch up on a sale and save as much as $20 on a bong. What’s great about it is that they even come with free shipping.

Everyone Does It

“We may call these cheap bongs and these bongs are cheap in price, but they are far from feeling cheap,” so their site state. Their price can go as low as $105 for a 16-inch glass beaker bong. With a large selection of cheap bongs to choose from, you can’t go wrong here. Beaker bongs ordered are all discreetly packaged. Everyone Does It offers free shipping in the US, with a small added cost elsewhere in the world. Customer service is good too, in case you get a problem with your order.

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Bong Outlet

Their tagline is “Welcome to the cheapest headshop in the world.” So, you will likely get the cheapest quality bongs here. We can say that the prices of their beaker bongs are reasonable and competitively. The delivery time can vary depending on the influx of orders as well as the destination. Deliveries from the Bong Outlet are raved for their discreet packaging. Also, most of the buyers in Bong Outlet are satisfied with their purchase. There are those, however, who got a cheap deal and got a defective beaker bong

The location of the site’s main office is in Toronto, Canada. So if you live in Canada, shipping fees are cheaper. In some cases, they even provide free shipping.

Just a few tips when it comes to buying cheap bongs online. Scientific grade glass is the best but it is more expensive compared to standard glass. Ceramic bongs come in different fancy shapes and cost less than glass. However, they can break easily, and these bongs are hard to clean. Plastic acrylic ones are cheapest around. Go for the cheaper one first. Move on to the pricier stuff later. Those with tons of bongs always begin with the cheapest ones.


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