Chillums Pros and Cons: Getting to Know Your Chillum

June 15, 2019 Glass Chillums

Chillums Pros and Cons: Getting to Know Your Chillum

If you’re looking for a discreet way of enjoying your herbs and want a traveling companion, we recommend that you get a chillum. If you want to know if getting one is worth it, here are our chillums pros and cons to help you know if getting a chillum is a good fit for you.


Measuring 2.25”, the Grav Labs Donut Shape Glass Chillum can easily slip in your pocket or bag

Chillums are highly concealable

If you want something that you can easily hide inside your pocket, you really should consider getting a chillum. Most glass chillums fit in the palm of your hand, so it does not occupy a lot of space on the table or in a drawer.

Gives big clouds

Now if you’re wondering why we don’t say chillums are discreet, it’s because they do make serious clouds. Small as they are, almost everyone can tell that you’re enjoying your botanicals in the corner. This is great for cloud chasers and for those who want to do smoking tricks.

Hits hard

Chillums can carry quite a punch. That small bit of smoking piece is actually quite efficient in gathering a considerable amount of smoke. You draw in more smoke into your lungs, allowing you to appreciate the recreational and medicinal benefits of your botanicals.

Less expensive

Many appreciate the fact that getting and replacing a chillum does not have to cost the roof. Our elegant yet straightforward chillum starts at $4.40, which is good for those who want to try out smoking a chillum for the first time.

Saves on herbs

With a chillum, you don’t have to use too much herb to get a quick session. This means you only pack what you need and use just the right amount of herbs to get the effects that you want.


The traditional way of using a chillum is traping it in the middle of your fingers and forming a cup with your hands. You draw from the hole you created with your hands to get the smoke. This means you can attach it to a glass bong or even a DIY bong. This is good if you want a quick, one-hitter session while enjoying water filtration.


Grav Labs Arcline Glass Chillum is made with borosilicate glass and has rings for a comfortable grip with less heat.

Can get hot

Some find that their chillum gets a bit hot in their hands while they smoke. The longer they use it, the more it seems to keep in the heat. This is probably due to the short distance of the bowl to the mouthpiece, but other modern chillum designs help cool down the smoke before it reaches your mouth.

Odd way of smoking

If you follow the cupping method of smoking a chillum, it’s going to be a challenge for you to change your manner of smoking. You can still draw directly from the pipe, but the best way to appreciate the tradition and ritual of a chillum is to use it with cupped hands.

Need two people to smoke it

Since both of your hands are occupied, you cannot draw from the chillum as you light up the herb. You have to ask someone to light the herb for you. On a side note, chillum etiquette dictates that the one who packed the chillum should not be the one to light it.

You need a filter cloth

Before you smoke a chillum, you need to wrap a filter cloth around the end of the mouthpiece to keep the ash from getting inside your mouth.

Can be harsh

Because of the short distance of the bowl to the mouthpiece, some find smoking a chillum a bit too harsh for their taste.

We hope that these chillums pros and cons help you get a general idea of what it’s like to have one. If you have any questions in our chillum collection, please don’t hesitate to ask in our comment section.

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