Coiled Vs. Coilless Atomizers: Pros and Cons for Dabs

March 04, 2019 Dab Pen

Coiled Vs. Coilless Atomizers: Pros and Cons for Dabs

Vape or dab pens come in two types of atomizers: coiled and coilless. Some manufacturers produce these two types of atomizers, while others prefer to concentrate on coiled technology. Let’s talk about the differences between both so that you’ll know what your goal is when buying a dab pen.

What is a coiled and coilless atomizer?

Coils are the ones producing heat when you turn on your dab pen. It looks much like a loosely-wound up spring. Previously designs have coils wound around a cotton wick. Modern coiled atomizers now have coils wrapped around ceramic and quartz for better heat conduction. You can easily see these coils when you remove the carb cap from your dab pen. The more coils your dab pen has in its atomizer, the higher and faster the pen will heat up.

Coilless (or coil-less) atomizers have donut-shaped heating plates made of ceramic placed beneath a dish. The heat travels from the plate up towards the dish to vaporize your concentrates. Some designs embed the heating wire on the surface of the dish.

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL features a quad coil quartz atomizer for big rips and solid hits.

Rip size

When it comes to the size of rips, coiled atomizers in dab pens or vape pens are best. They can reach a higher temperature compared to coilless ones. You can get satisfactory results from single coiled atomizers, but you can get the biggest size of rips from a quad-coil dab pen like the Yocan Evolve Plus XL Dab Pen.

Coil-less dab pens don’t reach the same peak temperature as coiled atomizers. As a result, the vapor produced is thinner and smaller. The effect of the hit is also weaker.


Coiled atomizers, because of their temperature and direct contact with the concentrate, can affect the taste of the wax. Some say they get the taste of the coil themselves when they dab, especially when the wax runs out. You can experience this with cheap vape pens or dab pens that use low-quality materials for their coils. Reputable vape pen companies go around this by using high-grade wires.

Coilless atomizers give you the best flavor for your dabs. Aside from the low temperature, the concentrate does not come in direct contact to the heat source of the pen. Of course, it’s different when you have residue in the dish, but that can be easily be remedied with thorough cleaning.

Use of concentrates

With coiled atomizers, heat concentrated around the coils. The surrounding walls won’t get as much heat as the coils, meaning concentrates that fall at the sides won’t get vaporized well.

Coilless atomizers, because of the even distribution of heat, vaporize all concentrates inside the dish. No concentrate is wasted and you enjoy your them to the last drop.

Coiled and coilless atomizers provide different levels of dabbing or vaping experiences. If you’re after big clouds of smoke and potent hits, go for coiled atomizers. When you are looking for smooth hits with better flavor, then we suggest you use coilless atomizers. If you have questions about which atomizers to look for, feel free to ask at the comment section or contact us!


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