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Collection: Bubbler Pipes

Bubblers are essentially a compromise between a simple glass pipe and a full-size bong. As a 'compromise' device, bubblers help to offer the convenience and portability of a typical handheld bong, while also providing the full firepower and functionality of a large glass bong. In short, they provide an efficient, affordable, convenient way to smoke and will definitely appeal to smokers who like to travel around and don't want to carry a full-size bong or hookah along with them.

Bubblers are typically much smaller than regular bongs but still make use of the same systems, relying on water to cool down smoke and provide smoother, cleaner hits. Their reduced size helps to make them highly convenient, easily slotting into a carry case or bag to be carried all around on your various travels and adventures. Whether you're jetting off on vacation or simply visiting a friend's house to watch a game, a bubbler can be the perfect travel companion for the modern day smoker.

When compared to classic handheld pipes, the main advantage of bubblers is the additional power and performance they provide. Bubblers usually feature good-sized chambers and may even offer additional elements like percs or recyclers for full filtration, providing cleaner, smoother, cooler hits than traditional pipes. So if you’ve gotten used to smoking with a pipe but are looking to enhance your experiences and move to the next level, bubblers are ideal.

Another cool feature of bubblers is that they can come in various shapes and styles. Manufacturers like Pulsar often choose to get creative with their bubbler design, using multi-colored glass and unique shapes to make each model unique and eye-catching. Many bubblers can be displayed with pride around the home, and they're also very affordable, allowing you to save cash when compared to a classic bong. So if you like your smoking equipment to offer both aesthetics and performance, a bubbler is a good option.

The bubbler pipes offered by Big Daddy Smoke come in various shapes and styles, including unique designs like skulls and brass knuckles, as well as timeless classics like 'Sherlock Bubblers'. Inspired by the fictional detective of the same name, Sherlock bubblers feature an attractive, curved handle and are traditionally made from glass in a variety of attractive, eye-catching colors.

Like with full-size, regular bongs, bubblers are usually made from glass. Many of the models you'll find here at Big Daddy Smoke are made from the highest quality, borosilicate glass for total resilience and the strongest levels of performance. These glass bubblers offer exceptional value, being easy to clean and able to last for many years, with the right care and attention. So if you’re looking for a top quality, highly efficient smoking device for years of awesome smoking, this is the place to be.

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