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Collection: Dab Rigs

Rigs, which can also be known under names like 'oil rigs' or 'dab rigs', have swiftly become one of the most popular options for modern smokers. These devices are made with oils and wax concentrates in mind and are favored by many users for their intuitive designs and exceptional levels of performance. New rigs are coming out all the time and the industry is evolving from one day to the next, so if you're looking for the latest and greatest rigs, this is the place to be.

Traditionally, rigs consisted of a simple water pipe with a nail attached, but that basic concept has become so much stronger in recent years. One of the main advantages modern rigs have over their older counterparts is portability; a typical modern oil rig is much smaller than the huge pipes that used to be popular. Modern rigs can typically be around eight or nine inches tall, but miniature models can be found at heights of just four or five inches too.

This means that dab and oil rigs are highly portable. With modern lifestyles becoming busier and more hectic by the day, it’s never been more important to invest in small, compact items that can be carried in cases and bags for easy transportation. Rigs are the perfect option for smoking on-the-move, with some designs even being made from indestructible silicone for easy use in any environment.

Another fun advantage of dab rigs is their ability to be customized. All kinds of accessories exist for rigs, including dabbers, caps, nails, and more. Dabbers help with making the most of your concentrates, while carb cabs make your rig more efficient, covering the nail to prevent the loss of any smoke or vapor. Extra nails, meanwhile, can be purchased in various materials like ceramic or titanium. The former is better at preserving flavor quality, while the latter retains heat much more strongly than any other material.

Rigs are designed with smoker satisfaction as the key focus, with a series of narrow tubes and little chambers ensuring that the smoke flows quickly and smoothly from the device and into your body, preserving the full strength of flavor in every single drag. The user of glass and water helps to cool down your smoke too, ensuring that every puff is as cool as it is smooth.

All of the rigs you'll find with Big Daddy Smoke offer these excellent levels of performance, with bold, long-lasting flavors and high quality experiences guaranteed. Rigs can be found at various price points, with many models costing less than $100, and some also come with additional features like percs of various shapes and sizes to filter smoke and vapor into tiny bubbles, providing even smoother and cooler hits.

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