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Collection: Handheld Pipes

Handheld pipes, also known commonly as 'hand pipes' or 'glass pipes' are one of the oldest and most traditional smoking devices you can buy. Hand pipes have been around for centuries, offering a quick, simple, convenient way to enjoy tobacco and herbs. Unlike more elaborate devices like bongs and dab rigs, handheld pipes don't involve any water filtration.

This means that the hits won't be as smooth or cool as they would be on a more complicated piece of smoking equipment, but it also offers the key advantage of making these pipes so simple to use. You don't need to make use of any accessories or fill a chamber up with water when smoking with a hand pipe; all you need to do is add your herbs, light up, and start to smoke.

The history of hand pipes goes back a long way and the small size and ease-of-use of these items has made them a mainstay in smoking culture for all that time. They offer great levels of performance and can rival any other piece of smoking equipment, making a handheld pipe an essential part of any smoking kit. Not only that, but hand pipes are also very affordable, so if you’re just looking for a simple smoking solution at a low price, this is a great place to start.

Handheld pipes, as their name suggests, are also small and snug enough to fit comfortably in a single hand. This is a big advantage, allowing smokers to simply place the pipe in a small bag, carry case, or even just a pocket, ready to be pulled out and used at any time in any location. With our focus on quality and performance here at Big Daddy Smoke, we pick and choose our products carefully and try to meet the needs of every single customer. That's why you'll find a broad range of handheld pipes here, with various materials in use like glass, metal, stone, and even wood.

You'll find unique styles of pipe too, like chillums, one hitters, and dugouts, as well as various brands including Empire Glassworks and Pulsar Pipes. We also offer a fun range of novelty and unique pipes, featuring special designs inspired by everything from pop culture icons to animals of the world. These pipes help you express your personality, sharing a little image of yourself in the equipment you use and helping to add some personality and flavor to your smoking kit.

In short, Big Daddy Smoke helps you find the pipe you need. Pipes can come in all colors, patterns, materials, and varieties, and each pipe is unique. These simple, handheld items are super easy to use and even easier to clean and maintain, guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper care and attention. Check out our full range of handheld pipes and find the right one for you today.

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