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Check out the great range of high quality hookahs from Big Daddy Smoke today and find your next smoking solution. With history dating back several hundred years, hookahs are believed to have originated in Arabia, but have played large roles in various countries and cultures over the years, with India being a prime example. The word 'hookah' actually comes from the Indian word 'huqqa'.

These devices are used for vaporizing and smoking tobacco and various herbs, using water filtration systems to clean and cool the smoke. The smoker uses a hose to inhale, and hookahs are typically equipped with just one hose but can be modified and adapted to offer multiple hoses. A big part of hookah culture is the idea of a group of friends or colleagues sharing the device together via one or multiple hoses, and hookahs are most commonly used to smoke flavored forms of tobacco, with the narrow tubes and water filtration helping to provide clean hits and very rich flavors.

A hookah is made up of multiple parts. The bowl sits at the top above a tray, the shaft or stem is located beneath, leading down to the hose or hoses and the vase at the bottom. Additional elements and components may also be included like ice chambers, stabilizers, valves, and more. Hookahs can be made from a wide variety of materials, and different materials can be used for different parts. The bowl, for instance, may be made of clay, plastic, silicone, or another material, while the stem or shaft is typically made of stainless steel and the vase is made from glass.

Smoking a hookah is very easy. The vase must first be filled with cold water, but you need to leave some space for the air and smoke to pass through. You may also choose to add ice to make your draws even cooler and more enjoyable. From there, the shaft must be attached to the vase and your herbs or tobacco can be placed in the bowl and covered up with foil or other material. Hot coals are then added atop the bowl. At this point, you can take a drag on one of the hoses. The key to getting the most out of a hookah smoking experience is to inhale shortly and gently, giving the smoke enough time to cool down on its way to your lungs.

Here at Big Daddy Smoke, we stock a wide variety of hookahs to suit every budget and need. You'll find devices from multiple manufacturers here including MYA, MOB, Omnis, Pharaohs, Khalil Mamoon, and more. Each brand has its own advantages, with some providing lower priced products and others offering more elaborate, decorative designs. Our featured hookahs are also available in many different sizes, from small to tall, and multiple colors and patterns too. We even feature novelty hookahs formed in unique shapes and styles that really stand out from the crowd.

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