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The nectar collector is one of the latest and greatest additions to the smoking world. Due to their unique shape and size, these devices often turn heads and cause some confusion in people who aren't too familiar with the technology, but they're actually very simple. Functioning in a similar way to a classic, everyday drinking straw, nectar collectors offer a simpler, smaller, more convenient way to dab with oil and wax concentrates.

A nectar collector is typically made up of a neck, body, and tip formed in a straight, tube-like design and are usually made from either glass or silicone, with the tips being either titanium, quartz, or ceramic. The various parts are usually easy to disassemble and clean, adding to the 'convenience factor' that has helped to make nectar collectors so popular with modern day smokers. Nectar collectors, just like bongs and dab rigs, can also come equipped with various kinds of percolators and make use of water filtration to cool down and purify your smoke, offering only the smoothest hits.

So why would you like to use a nectar collector? Well, aside from the clear advantage of convenience and portability, nectar collectors are also astonishingly easy to use. They really do function just like a straw, letting you dab your concentrates and start inhaling within a matter of seconds and without any complicated, elaborate techniques or extra accessories. They don't require any dab tools at all, with the attached tip letting you simply smoke directly from your concentrate containers.

This means that nectar collectors are among the most efficient smoking devices available right now as they ensure you don't waste a single drop of oil or wax. They also provide full user control, letting you easily track and monitor how much oil or wax you're smoking at any one time. Essentially, nectar collectors provide all the functionality and performance you’d expect from a full dab rig, in a much smaller package, perfect for people who like to do their smoking on the move in multiple locations.

Using a nectar collector couldn't be simpler. You start off by loading up your concentrates in the serving dish or container. From there, just like with a typical dab rig, you'll use a torch to heat up the tip. It's vital to ensure that the tip is very hot here for the strongest hits and best quality flavors, but you can allow it to cool down a little if you prefer gentler hits. From there, you place the tip in contact with your concentrate and can choose to leave it different amounts of time depending on how long you want your dab to be. That's it! All you have to do at that point is place your lips around the mouthpiece and take a drag.

Here at Big Daddy Smoke, we stock a wide variety of nectar collectors. featuring both glass and silicone models. We also offer perc nectar collectors, fitted out with various different percolators for full filtration and optimal hits. You'll find quartz and titanium nails here too, so there's a nectar collector to suit every smoker at Big Daddy Smoke.

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