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Collection: Vaporizers

Dry Herb Vapes and Dab Pens have been extremely popular and their widespread use continues to grow.

Vaporizers are devices that extract vapor from materials without burning. As you turn on the vaporizer, the battery fires up the atomizer which often houses the material. Depending on your set temperature, the vaporizer can produce thin, flavorful vapor, or thick, full-bodied clouds.

Not all vaporizers are the same. There are different types of vaporizers that you need to know about before you set out to buy one.

Dry herb vaporizers

These vapes heat dry herbs and flowers. The heating oven is made either with ceramic or quartz for better heat distribution. Dry herb vaporizers produce vapor through two types of heating methods:

  • Conduction – the herbs vaporize when they come in direct contact with the walls of the oven. This type of dry herb vaporizer often operates at a lower temperature but can produce a steady stream of vapor.

  • Convection – dry, hot air circulates in the oven and through your material. There’s no direct contact with the heating chamber, just pure air. Convection-type vaporizers need higher temperatures to effectively vaporize your material and often drains faster compared to conduction vapes.

Wax and Concentrate Vaporizers

This is a totally different level of vaporizing. If you want to have deeper flavors and recreational/medicinal effects from your vapes, go of wax and concentrate vaporizers. These vapes are ideal for dabbers on the go who wish to have discreet sessions anytime anywhere.

Since you’re vaping a highly potent material, a little goes a long way. You might want to start small and see if how you’re able to assimilate and carry the strength of vapor concentrates can give.

Dab pens are common forms of concentrate vaporizers. They come with quartz or ceramic coils that either come solo, dual, or quad. You place the dab on top of the coil, cover with a cap, then with the mouthpiece. Dab pens often have high temperatures ranging from 250°F–750°F. However, do note of the temperature capacity. Some are low-temp dab pens like the Dr. Dabber Aurora that won’t go too hot but can still deliver the best flavor and hit.

Desktop Vaporizers

If you’re looking for efficient and flavorful vaping that can get you medicated fast, we highly recommend desktop vaporizers. They are not as portable as the previously described vaporizers, but they don’t fall short on the vaporizing category. There are three types of desktop vaporizers:

  • Whip-style – this type of desktop vaporizer is somewhat similar to a hookah. You have a unit that electronically vaporizes your herb, and a hose (which is the whip) that will serve as the vapor’s carrier.

  • Forced-air or Balloon bag – the unit functions just like the whip-style vaporizer, but with a fan inside. The fan forces the vapor up to a large bag, usually about 3 feet long that will balloon as it gets filled with vapor.

Although desktop vaporizers commonly vaporize herbs, some modern units now have attachments that you can use to vaporize concentrates.

Dual-purpose vaporizers

If you wish to vaporize both herbs and concentrates, then you should get 2-in-1 vaporizers. They are capable of vaporizing different materials so you don’t have to change devices whenever you feel the need to switch. However, the efficacy in vaporizing does tend to lean more on either dry herbs or concentrates.

Here at Big Daddy Smoke, we stock only the finest herb vapes and dab pens to provide total satisfaction every time. These products are made to the highest standard, but come with some very attractive and reasonable price tags. Due to their strong construction and rechargeable nature, as well as their easy to clean components and accessories, herb vapes and dab pens also offer a whole lot of value and can last a lifetime.

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