Dab Kit with Dab Straw Dab Tool and Torch



  • 6” x 3.25” dab kit
  • Comes with a zipper shockproof case to keep your dab tools safe
  • Includes a borosilicate dab straw with keg clip for on-demand dabs
  • Stainless steel dab tool
  • Has two 5mL silicone containers for concentrate storage
  • Pocket-sized refillable butane torch as a convenient heat source
  • Keeps your dabbing tools and accessories organized
  • Convenient and lightweight

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Like to travel but hate to miss your dabs? Have this dab kit with you on your road trip, camping, fishing, and other outdoor adventure! Also ideal for those who move around and tend to leave behind their dab rigs while in a hurry. With this kit, everything you need is in one place and organized in elastic bands. You know you’re missing one if one band is empty.

Travel-sized, convenient, and handy, this is a must-have kit for those who are always on the go and need instant gratification.


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