Dab Pen Not Producing Smoke

June 19, 2019 Dab Pen

Dab Pen Not Producing Smoke

Having problems with your dab pen? Here’s what you need to look at if you see your dab pen not producing smoke.

Check the chamber

If your dab pen is working just fine a session or two ago, the atomizer may be empty. Before a chamber empties, vapor gradually starts to thin out and lose flavor. If you’re not tasting anything from your dab pen, it’s about to go dry. Check the atomizer by removing the mouthpiece to see if you have enough concentrate in the chamber.

The G Pen power button will flash 8 times when pressed to let you know that it needs charging.

Is it fully charged?

The battery may have gotten empty at some point during your session. Depending on the brand of dab pen, the power button will flash red when the battery is dead. How long can you use your dab pen before it drains? It depends on the battery capacity and temperature settings of your dab pen. Some dab pens like the Dr. Dabber Aurora can give about 250-300 hits or lasts for 2-5 days on a single charge. In contrast, the ThisThingRips OG Four 2.0 Dab Pen has about 12 hours of battery life, yet it can go as high as 4.2v.

Dab pens require about 2-3 hours of charging before use. Make sure that you only use the recommended charger to prevent causing damage to the connection as well as the capacity of the battery. Check if your battery is charging correctly, and don’t overcharge it to preserve its lifespan.

Overloaded atomizer

Overfilling a chamber can cause the concentrate to bubble, expand, and possibly clog the mouthpiece. Worst case scenario, the melted concentrate can leak into the battery connection. This can cause potential damage to the battery.

To clean off the excess concentrate, remove the mouthpiece from the atomizer. Take out a clean paper towel or Q-tip to remove any concentrate that’s blocking the vapor path. Replace it, and then removing the atomizer from the battery. Wipe out the concentrate thoroughly from the battery, concentrating on the firing pin. Remove leaks as well as from beneath the atomizer. Be careful not to press too hard on the firing pin, or you’ll have problems with battery contact.

Let your dab pen dry for 5 minutes before you using.

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL quad coils are spread for better and efficient vaporizing of concentrates.

Improper loading

How you load your dab pen matters, especially for if you have coiled atomizers like The Yocan Evolve Plus XL Dab Pen. If the concentrate falls at the walls or the sides of the atomizer, your concentrate will not vaporize properly. Most of the heat in a dab pen is at the coils or the center, while the walls and floors only get heat through thermal transfer. They don’t get as hot as your coils do.

Why does the concentrate fall at the sides? One common reason is due to scraping. Most dab pen users scrape the concentrate at the side to avoid touching the coils. Practice loading the dab pen accurately by taking your time in positioning the concentrate. Loading will soon become muscle memory, and you’ll have no problems with it later on. If your concentrate is solid like shatters, you may want to break it into small pieces, then fill the chamber a third or half-way full

Poor connection

Some dab pens have 510 connections, which means you twist the parts to lock them together. Although this offers a secure bond between the pieces, we often get too excited and apply too much torque. The result is that the firing pin gets pinned down too hard that it locks in place. Because of this, there’s a gap between the firing pin and the atomizer. The firing pin and the atomizer needs solid contact for the atomizer to heat up.

To fix this, check the firing pin. Using a small, flathead screwdriver, very carefully lift the firing pin. Gently slide the screwdriver around the firing pin until you see it pop out. When you screw back the atomizer, be careful not to force it too hard to prevent the pin from losing its connection.

A dab pen is easy to use and also troubleshoot. If your dab pen is having problems with vaporizing, follow these tips before calling the manufacturer. Most often than not, these solutions will get your dab pen working again like new.

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