Different Types of Bong Downstems

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Different Types of Bong Downstems

Bong downstems are integral parts of your bong. It’s the tube that connects your bowl to your bong, and without it, you really cannot use the full potential of your water pipe. Smoke will float at water’s surface and will not diffuse through the water for filtration. In effect, your bong will be an oversized, expensive dry pipe.

Although any bong you order in BigDaddySmoke comes with a downstem, some have the option of allowing you to make a replacement. Here are the different types of bong downstems that you can choose from in case you need to have a new one.

Fixed downstem vs. replaceable

Wait! Before you head out searching for a new downstem, look closely at your bong. Does it have a fixed or replaceable downstem? Take a look at the comparison pictures below.


The Fluorescent Glass Matrix Perc Bong has a fixed downstem that the glass blower expertly fused with the bong during the manufacturing process. The Grav Labs Helix Beaker bong has a removable downstem that you can replace in case (heaven forbid) accidents happen.

If your bong has a downstem similar to the Grav Labs Helix, then you can customize your bong downstem for better diffusion and percolation. Another good thing about replaceable downstems is that they are easy to clean and unclog.

Different types of bong downstems

Bong downstems, just like your bong, come in different shapes and sizes. How your downstem works in terms of percolation and filtration is dependent on the design of the tip.

  • Slitted downstem – One of the common downstems. Simple in design and easy to use as well as maintain. The downstem diffuses the smoke through six or more slits located at the tip of the downstem.
  • Tree perc downstem – you have multiple arms extending from the top of the downstem. Most tree perc downstems have 7 arms that diffuse smoke in small bubbles. The result is a better flavor, cooler smoke, and optimal filtration. Each arm has 2 slits with one hole at the bottom. Imagine the barrel of a Gatling gun that is made out of glass.
  • Honeycomb downstem – another simple downstem that flat at the end and has multiple holes that make it look much like a honeycomb. The stem has a flat base at the bottom with multiple holes added.
  • Fire cut downstem – another intricately designed downstem. The fire cut downstem has micro holes bored around the tip of the downstem using a hydrogen torch. It’s better than a slitted downstem because the holes are smaller distributed evenly around at the tip.
  • Showerhead downstem – provides extra diffusion for added filtration and cooling effect. The flattened disc at the end of the downstem has multiple slits that allow for multiple percolation and diffusion.

Things to consider when buying a bong downstem

Once you made your choice for your new downstem, you have to think about:

  • You bong’s joint – is it male or female?
  • The joint’s diameter – bong joints usually come in 10mm, 14.5mm and 18.8 mm sizes.
  • Downstem length – the length of the downstem should be enough to reach inside the bong without touching the bottom of the water chamber. The standard is to measure from the end of the ground joint to the tip of the stem. The starting point is where the ground joint meets the stem.

Now you’re ready to choose the type of downstem that is most suitable for your bong. The added percolation and filtration will surely enhance your smoking experience. You’ll find that the smoke is cleaner, smoother, and you’ll be able to taste your nugs better. Does the diffuser add to the drag? Yes, but only minor compared to bigger percs attached to a bong. You can easily adapt to the presence of a diffuser downstem as if you did not do anything at all to your bong.

Do you have a favorite diffuser downstem? What makes it work for you? Please share your experience in our comment section!


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