Different Types of Bong Water Alternatives

May 21, 2019 Bong Posts
Diamond Glass Casino 14mm Female Diffused Downstem Beaker Bong 13.5 inch

Diamond Glass Casino 14mm Female Diffused Downstem Beaker Bong 13.5 inch

Percolators, downstems, ice catchers, and bowls are not the only ones you can change to enjoy your bong. Some were daring enough to test what it would be like to change the water in a bong. Here are different types of bong water alternatives you can use that will make your sesh interesting.


This extremely sour beverage can make even the most deadpan person use all facial muscles with just one sip. However, it makes a good bong water alternative because it takes out the harshness of the smoke. What’s more, the acidity of the cranberry juice helps keep the resin from the herbs sticking to the bong. If you have an exceptional palate, you will enjoy using cranberry juice because it will give this really subtle fruity taste that enhances the flavor of your herb. For others, the cranberry juice does not have any character at all.


Gatorade bong water is a popular choice by some, probably because of the colors and the taste of Gatorade itself. However, as bong water, it does not do much for your hits. It can add a bit of drag to the pull, probably because of the viscosity or surface tension since it has sugar and salt in it. Still, it’s okay for an experiment, but some are not too keen to use it regularly.


Another popular bong water alternative for your favorite smoking device. The different fruity notes and full-bodied flavor of reds provide a pleasing medley of taste. We recommend going for a low-alcohol content wine since some of the recreational effects of your herbs can dissolve in it, dulling the punch of your sesh. Another reason is that fire and alcohol are really close friends. You don’t want to toast your face and hands when you fire up your bowl.

Aloe Vera

This highly viscous beverage with jell-like membranes floating all around seems quite refreshing to use in a bong. Aloe vera is known to refresh and soothe the body, especially during hot weather. However, it is quite viscous and can possibly filter too many elements in your smoke. The result is a bland flavor that is not appealing and not worth the bother.

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Orange or fruit juice

Fruit juices, especially lemon and orange, give a sweet flavor to your herbs. There are also others who feel that they get hit harder by using lemon and orange juice. The citrus flavor is something that makes the whole experience enjoyable, and probably the sugar level as well.


Tea is another bong water alternative that some use for an engaging session. You can use hot (not warm) tea, and some say they have an exceptionally smoother hit compared to using ice water. Iced tea can also give a different experience to your sesh. Amazingly enough, hot tea gives a smoother hit compared to iced tea. If you want to experiment with a hot beverage, make sure to add it in your bong slowly and use thick-glass bongs made of high-quality borosilicate glass. Never use boiling

Things to consider:

Never leave “water alternatives” in your bong overnight. They contain sugar, additives, and other elements that can stick to your bong and make it hard to clean. Not to mention harbor bacteria that can cause lung infection. Once you’re done with your bong water, dump it out and clean your bong immediately.

hese bong water alternatives can only be used on glass bongs. Acrylic bongs can absorb the flavor and color of your bong water alternatives, and it may take ages to take out the residue – if ever you get to eliminate it at all.

What’s your favorite bong water alternative, and what makes it the best one for you? Please share your experience in our comment section!


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