Different Types of Herb Grinders Explained

February 25, 2020 Grinders

Different Types of Herb Grinders Explained

You want to get yourself a grinder to help you enjoy your herbs better. However, when you search for grinders in the net, you see an ocean of options that can make your head spin. We’ll talk about the different types of herb grinders so that you’ll know what is the best option for your buds.

Different types of grinders according to material

Let’s talk first about the materials as each has a different level of performance for grinding.

Acrylic grinders

These are simple grinders that are lightweight and travel-friendly. Made of durable plastic material, you can easily take them with you anywhere without adding extra weight to your bag or luggage.

A wooden grinder is simple to use and handy to carry around.

Acrylic grinders usually come in 2 or 3 pieces, with wide and shallow teeth. It’s the best grinder for those who are always on the go and often find themselves losing a piece or the whole grinder. They’re mostly disposables because the teeth soon lose their edge after several grinds. Once you find yourself having a hard time grinding, it’s time to change your acrylic grinder.

Wooden grinders

Rustic, earthy, and simple, wooden grinders are often favorites of those who’ve been smoking for decades. They were very popular back in the day, and most who use it are after nostalgia or familiarity. Unlike acrylic grinders, these wooden ones come in 2 pieces. This means you’ll be losing a lot of crystals that contain all that herb goodness that you love.

Because wood is naturally grainy, grinding can be forceful and rough. You’re not going to get the same consistency as you would with acrylic grinders, and you may even lose a teeth or two in the process.

Metal grinders

Many will tell you that metal grinders are the best for efficient grinding. These grinders are made of titanium, anodized aluminum, or stainless steel. They have sharp teeth compared to wooden or acrylic grinders and can give you more than just several grinds.

If you’re looking for a metal herb grinder, make sure that they come from the US. This way, you know they are safe and pass FDA standards. They are also fit for campers, treckers, and travelers as they can rough it out and still function the same.

Types of herb grinders according to pieces

Different types of herb grinders come in several pieces, providing you with features that result in different quality of grinds.

2-piece grinders

By far the most basic and simple, with only a lid and grinding compartment to take care of. They are small and compact, but they won’t do much for your kief.

4-piece grinders help you catch kief for better smoking experience

3-piece grinders

If you want a grinder that can hold and store your ground herb, this is a good option. It comes with a compartment that serves as a catcher for

4-piece grinders

Aside from a grinding chamber, 4-piece grinders feature a mesh screen or sieve for catching pollen. You can use the ground herb instantly, but you need to allow the grinder some time to collect more pollen.

Other types of grinders


Ideal for minimalists, or people on the go. These are grinders that are as small and thin as your credit card. There are holes in the middle that you can use for shredding your herbs like you would with cheese. It won’t give you a fine grind that you need for vaporizers, but it does a good job if you’re going to smoke pipes.

Electric grinders

Using a grinder, especially a wooden one requires a bit of elbow grease to get a beautiful consistency. That can take some time, especially if you need a fine grind for your smoke. An electric grinder can make short work with your herbs. Just pack your herbs in the grinder, and the rotating teeth will do the work for you.

Getting the perfect herb grinder means matching it to your needs. If you’re a casual or occasional smoker, 2-piece grinders made of any material is okay. For regular or heavy smokers, 3-piece grinders can do you well. Now, if you want to savor all delicious herby flavor from your bud, 4-piece grinders will be perfect for you.

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