What Are the Different Types of Percolators and Their Functions?

January 18, 2019 Bong Posts

What Are the Different Types of Percolators and Their Functions?

Percolators are great additions to a water bong or dab rig. They enhance the smoking experience by cooling and filtering smoke. There are several types of percolators, and all of them provide different benefits through their own unique qualities.

Diffused downstem

This is the first order of battle for percolators. The diffused downstem goes well with bongs made with a simple design. You have a choice between a fixed downstem or a removable one. It’s a very rudimentary, but it does the job of cooling down smoke. Slits or holes are located at the end of the stem which diffuses smoke as it passes through the water.

Honeycomb perc

One of the most common percs in water pipes, the honeycomb percs does a fantastic job in terms of percolation. Honeycomb is a type of disc perc which is completely round and often stacked one on top of the other. The discs have little holes in it, reaching up to almost a hundred or more in some. More holes in the disc means there is better diffusion, which also also results in a heavier drag.

The honeycomb perc works by diffusing smoke through the holes, increasing the surface area of the smoke. Smoke shoots straight up to the water, cooling and filtering smoke. Another set of diffusion and filtration happens if there’s another layer of perc sitting on top of the first one.

Grav labs turbine showerhead perc boro glass bong 8 inch

8-inch Grav labs turbine showerhead perc made with boro glass

Turbine perc

If there’s a showman among percs, this would be it. The turbine bong perc combines beauty with function in terms of percolation and filtration. It’s flat disc design often makes it paired with honeycomb percs. The slits of the perc forces the water and bubbles to spin like a tornado inside your bong, mixing smoke with water. The spinning motion diffuses the smoke and filters it, creating a smooth, clean hit.

Barrell perc

Glassblowers created this bong perc into a cylindrical shape similar to a typical barrel. The barrel has gridded notches and holes that make for great diffusion. They are mostly added in a bong upright, while others lie down sideways directly connected to the stemless of the bong. Smoke passes through inside the barrel chamber before diffusing inside the water chamber of your bong. The bubbles pop close to the mouthpiece, preserving the flavor of your herb.

Showerhead perc

Imagine combining the function and action of turbine and barrel percs. The showerhead perc has a barrel-like chamber that collects the milk before pushing it down through the round base. The base has different slit sizes, further diffusing smoke into the water. Amazingly enough, this combination has a cool smooth hit without too much drag.

Tree arm perc

The tree arm perc has thin vertical arm-like tubes. Depending on the design, tree percs can have up to more than 4 arms. The more arms the tree arm perc has, the better. The tree arm perc works by splitting the smoke through the arms. The smaller the holes in the arms, the greater surface area of smoke exposure in the water. However, you do need to watch out. Smaller arms are thinner and therefore more delicate to handle.

Inline perc

Inline percs extend from the downstem straight through the water chamber. The long stem has holes and slits directed down or at the side, keeping the water from going up too high up the stem. The horizontal tube comes with several slits that separates and diffuses the smoke through the water. The more holes or slits the inline perc has, the better the diffusion you will get.

Matrix perc

This perc does diffusion at a different level. The matrix perc is a cylindrically shaped percolator placed centrally at the bottom of your bong. The cylinder is riddled with holes going upwards and sideways, giving you a 360-degree diffusion in each hit. This creates massive amounts of bubbles in your bong with as you chug. Just like the honeycomb perc, the holes separate the smoke to small bubbles, increasing its surface area.

Sprinkler perc

Imagine a water show happening inside your bong. This is what a sprinkler perc looks like. It has arms just like a tree perc. However, the arms are directed upwards from the perc’s base. Water first shoots up through the arm followed by smoke. Both come together in a violent dance of diffusion that is a sight to see.

Pulsar swiss perc bong 17.75

Pulsar Swiss perc bong 17.75

Swiss perc

The swiss perc resembles a sideways Swiss cheese. The bong perc is created in a flat disc shape with large holes. The smoke is divided as it passes through the maze of paths formed by the holes, diffusing and filtering smoke. It does the job while reducing the drag.

Circ perc

Imagine a flat disc with ring holes placed all around at the side. That’s what a circ perc looks like. They are often set right at the bottom of the downstem connected to the joint. The smoke separates through the rings, diffusing into the water.

Jellyfish perc

This is one of the unique percs that makes your bong out of this world. It works the same way as a sprinkler perc. The only difference is that the tubes curve towards the glass, increasing the diffusion and percolation.

Propeller perc

This is one action-packed perc. The propeller perc has an arm connected to the stemless. The smoke travels down that arm, down to a spinning propeller with angled holes. The propeller spins as you take a hit, spreading the smoke through the water.

These percolators are a great addition to your bong. Depending on your preference, you can choose just one type of percolator, or get one that has a mix of two. The best way to appreciate a perc bong is to try it out yourself. Check out our collection of percolator bongs and see which one will be the best for your smoking needs!


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