DIY-How to Make Your Own Mini Bong

January 12, 2019 Bong Posts

DIY-How to Make Your Own Mini Bong

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Making your own mini bong gives you the benefit of hitting your favorite herb without having to travel with a bong. It’s easy to make one using ordinary household materials. You will need:

  • Small plastic bottle (food grade, BPA free)
  • Small plastic tube from a pen to serve as your down stem
  • 8mm wrench socket
  • Aluminum foil
  • Lighter or cutter
  • Scissors
  • Rubber grommet (optional)
  • Aluminum can (optional)

Making your DIY mini bong

  1. Take your bottle and mark where you want to put your downstem. Usually, it’s about slightly lower than the middle of your container.
  2. Use a cutter or a lighter to bore a hole through. Don’t make the hole too big. Make it snug enough to prevent air gaps.
  3. Push in your small tubing and check the height. Push in at a 45-degree angle. Use a rubber grommet if you want a tighter seal. Cut the plastic tubing to your desired length.
  4. Bore a carb hole using your lighter or cutter near the mouth of the water bottle.
  5. Take out the plastic tubing and fit in your wrench socket. If the socket is a bit small compared to your plastic tubing, wrap aluminum foil or duct tape around it before mounting.

  1. OR if you have a wide plastic pipe: Fold a piece of aluminum foil to fours and push inside your plastic pipe to create a bowl. Punch holes through to allow air flow.
  2. OR: Cut out a piece of aluminum tin can and make a funnel. Place the narrow end inside your plastic tubing, making sure there’s a hole at the end for air to pass through.
  3. Fill up your DIY mini bong less than half-way through
  4. Pack your socket with your favorite herb, light up, and enjoy.

Things to consider:

    • Do not use plastic bottles used to store non-edible items like oil, shampoo, conditioner, alcohol. Your DIY mini bong is for recreational smoking, not to cause further health problems. You could use Gatorade bottles as they are thicker and stronger compared to other water bottles.


  • DIY mini bongs, depending on the materials you got, are for one-use only. Plastic eventually reacts to heat and releases harmful toxins. Once you use your home-made mini bong, discard all plastic materials and move one.
  • It would be safer to use a Traveling puff, or you could watch the video below to see how to make a serious metal bowl and downstem.


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