What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer Box?

September 23, 2019 Dry Herb Vaporizers

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer Box?

With a lot of modern vaporizers coming up with sleek designs and functionality, a dry herb vaporizer box will seem like something out of your grandfather’s closet. Let’s have a closer look at this vaporizer, and what will make it a proud addition to your collection

What is a dry herb vaporizer box?

A dry herb vaporizer box is an old-style vaporizer with glass, ceramic, or wooden case. It can come in the shape of a transistor radio, a safe-like cube, or like a filing case for index cards. The vapor path is often made of borosilicate glass, or a medical-grade transparent silicone tubing, so you won’t have to worry about any woodsy taste like you would get from a wooden pipe. The materials used are inexpensive, making it one of the affordable dry herb vaporizers. It’s straightforward design and functionality makes it suitable for those who want to try out vaping.

What kind of dry herb vaporizer box can I get?

There are two types of dry herb vaporizer box that you can get. One is a tabletop vaporizer, and the other is a portable vaporizer. Both can deliver different levels of vaping experience which you can match to your vaping needs.

dry herb vaporizer box

Box desktop vaporizers are easy to use and control with a single knob.

Desktop dry herb vaporizer box

Desktop vaporizers are known for their stability and vapor consistency. With the advent of digital technology, desktop vaporizers are increasingly getting complicated. However, you won’t experience such a thing with a vaporizer box.

One example of a desktop dry herb vaporizer box is the Hot Box and the VaporBrothers Vaporizer. The makers created it intending to make vaporization simple and easy to do. Most desktop vaporizers are complicated, and you have to get past a learning curve to use it effortlessly. With the desktop vaporizer box, the operation is simple, and you don’t have to deal with complicated knobs or buttons to get started on vaping.

What you have is a knob that lets you control the temperature with just a simple twist. Twist to the left to lower the temperature, twist to the right if you want to go higher. For a more straightforward operation, some desktop box vaporizers don’t have temperature control. Great for beginners, but disappointing for experts.

The best thing about a desktop dry herb vaporizer box is the hands-free operation. You have whip attachment that you connect to the center of the box that contains a ceramic heating element. The downside is that since box vaporizers are almost analog in a sense, the heating time may take a while before it can start vaping.

magic flight launch box dry herb vaporizer

The Magic Flight Launch Box heats up within 2-3 seconds, making it one of the fastest vaporizers for convenient and easy vaping.

Portable dry herb vaporizer box

Although desktop vaporizers are stable, they tie you down because of their size, weight, as well as the need for an outlet. A portable dry herb vaporizer is so small, it fits within the palm of your hand. It’s like a matchbox with a circular glass window that lets you see how your herbs are doing inside the cooking chamber.

A portable box vaporizer is as barebones as you can get with a vaporizer. You have a wooden box that has a deep trench for your herbs, and two sockets for your battery and draw stem. It comes with a single temperature option which you can control depending on how long you press the battery.

Another cool feature that you can see is the acrylic window that lets you have a look at the trench where the herbs are cooking. What’s good about this is that you’ll know if you’re drawing too hard or too soft. A cool tornado effect happens when you’re vaping correctly, while you get a violent hurricane if you draw too hard.

Why should you get a dry herb vaporizer box?

Digital vaporizers are great because they can customize your vaping experience. However, the more complex a dry herb vaporizer is, the steeper the learning curve. With a dry herb vaporizer box like the Magic Flight Launch Box, you don’t have to worry about complicated knobs or reading digital screens. It’s also versatile that you can attach it to a bong for a cooler, smoother vaping experience.

Once you try out a dry herb vaporizer box, it’s going to be one of your favorite vaporizers to use. It may not be as powerful as the Storz & Bickel Volcano, or as sophisticated as a DaVinci IQ. However, that’s the charm of a box vaporizer — no frills, just pure vaping pleasure in your own pace and preference. We highly recommend getting the Magic Flight Launch Box for instant vaping that you can take with you everywhere.

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