Empire Glassworks Coral Reef Perc 14mm Female Mini Bong 6.75″



  • 6.75” tall
  • Vibrant and colorful coral reef design
  • Intricate lampwork distinct to Empire Glassworks
  • Flared mouthpiece conforms around your lips for comfort and airtight seal
  • Dewar’s joint reinforces the bong’s joint to the chamber
  • Maria rings for accent and easy grip
  • Made from thick, durable American glass
  • 14mm female joint

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Empire Glassworks stamped its trademark of making intricate, beautifully designed glass pieces in this Coral Reef mini bong.

The reef is enclosed in a clear, thick glass that gives you a good view of the action going on in the rig. The swirling smoke that goes through the inline perc creates a stunning visual around the coral reef. The small size of the bong allows you to taste the bold flavors of your herbs with no drag.

The flared mouthpiece makes it comfortable to use despite its size. It’s a great collector’s item for sea lovers and Empire Glassworks fans.


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