Empire Glassworks Glass Eggplant Spoon Hand Pipe 5.25″



  • 5.25” long
  • Authentic Empire Glassworks
  • American-made, boro glass pipe
  • Beautiful eggplant color
  • Perfect palm size for a comfortable hold
  • Solid, durable glass feel
  • Skillfully handcrafted
  • Details, patterns, and colors may vary

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It’s your favorite emoji transformed into a hand pipe!

This intricately designed Eggplant Emoji Hand Pipe has the same detail as the emoji itself. With amazing skill that is uniquely Empire Glassworks, this pipe never fails to get a laugh or two out of your naughty friends. It’s the perfect gag gift for a friend who needs to have a smoke or two to get things out of his system.

The body has a vivid eggplant color and has a deep push bowl for a good pack. There’s a left-sided carb to control your hits, and the stem is just the right size to fit inside your lips. Be careful; you may want to keep this to yourself.


Additional information

Weight0.294 lbs
Dimensions3.3 × 1.8 × 1.8 in

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