Empire Glassworks Killer Whale Perc 14mm Female Mini Bong 6.75″



  • 6.75” tall
  • Arctic glacier and killer whale inspired design
  • Detailed lampwork art distinctively Empire Glassworks
  • Thick, flared mouthpiece creates an airtight seal for easy rips
  • Dewar’s joint reinforces the bong’s joint to chamber
  • Maria rings for accent and easy grip
  • Created using thick American Glass
  • 14mm female joint

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Have an arctic scene in the palm of your hands in this Killer Whale mini bong by Empire Glassworks. The stalking whale calmly swims beside the inline perc that effectively diffuses your smoke for smooth, clean hits.

The beaker base has a good capacity for the right water level to cool down and filter smoke. The clear, thick glass lets you see how thick your smoke gets. The display is impressive as the smoke dances around the glacier.

Small in size yet comfortable to use, this Killer Whale Perc Mini Bong is a must-have for marine wildlife enthusiasts.


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