eNail Coil: Different Types and How to Choose

July 08, 2020 Dab Rigs

eNail Coil: Different Types and How to Choose

Transitioning to torchless dabbing with an eNail coil is easy once you get to know the basics. In this post, we’ll discuss the different types of eNail coils so that you’ll do a proper match with both the dab rig or the control unit.

Understanding the parts of an eNail coil

When you get your eNail kit just like our Pulsar Elite Pro eNail Box with Titanium Nail, you’ll notice that the heating coil has different parts.

Parts of an eNail coil.

  • eNail coil – the heating element that you attach to your dab nail or banger. It comes in different shapes and sizes for efficient heat delivery.
  • Wire – connects and delivers electricity from the control unit to the eNail coil. The wire should be thick, not too long that they’ll create a mess on the table but not too short either that you can’t pass the dab rig.
  • XLR plug – the part that has pins that connect to the eNail controller. The number of pins here should match the controller box. Not a problem when you buy a kit, but you need to check this in case you need to buy an eNail replacement coil.

Different eNail coil types

Flat coil eNail coil

This is an eNail coil that has a flat design similar to a mosquito coil. It lies directly beneath the bottom of the nail, just like a piece of ham in a sandwich. Usually, you’ll need a fastening nut to stick it to the nail and keep it in place. Those who own titanium nails prefer this over other types of coils.

Barrel eNail coil

Specially designed for bangers. The coil rises up, so it wraps around the outer walls of the banger. Heat is distributed at the sides, leaving the bottom cooler in comparison. Some still prefer this style because you have less direct heat, and you preserve the flavors of your dabs. Vapor is somewhat less, but that can be fixed with a carb cap.

Axial eNail coil

This coil is a hybrid, to say the least of the flat and barrel coils. You have a heating element both at the side and bottom of your quartz banger, with the coil held in place with a peg. There are now axial style quartz bangers that have an extra rod of quartz jutting out of the bottom that you can use to pin the eNail.

Sizes of the coils

Just like your nails and bangers, eNail coils come in different sizes. You’ll often see some measurements 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, and 30mm confusing dabbers because they relate this to the size of the joint. These measurements are commonly seen in the barrel or axial type eNail coils, which you need to match with the outer diameter of your banger.

You need to match the size of the coils to your rig for a couple of reasons. Using a big coil to a small banger can work, but you’ll have a hard time controlling the intensity of the heat. Small coils, on the other hand, will produce concentrated spots, resulting in uneven vaporization.

How to choose an eNail coil

When you choose an eNail, here are some of the things you need to consider.

  • Check the type of nail – flat and barrel coils can work with titanium nails, while quartz bangers are suitable for barrel and axial coils.
  • Match the XLR plug – when you need to buy a replacement coil, you need to make sure that that you’ll get the wiring as your old one. Manufacturers often have a diagram of their XLR plug, or you can send a request so that you’ll be able to get it. Mismatched wiring can cause problems like improper operation or damage to your control box.
  • Make it fit – be sure to match the outer diameter of your banger to the inner diameter of your coil for even heating.

An eNail coil is a safe alternative to help you get dabbing without a torch. It’s convenient, easy to use, and gives you better control over your dabbing temperature. To ensure that you’re getting the full benefits of your eNail, use the right type of coil and size for suitable for your dab rig.

Want to try out an eNail? Have a look at our Pulsar Elite Pro eNail box. It comes with a titanium nail and a 15mm heating element. The box can heat your coils to 0-999 °F for a wider range of dabbing experience. Click here now and get yours before stocks run out!


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