EYCE Hammer Bubbler: It’s time to Pass the Verdict

January 19, 2020 Product Reviews

EYCE Hammer Bubbler: It’s time to Pass the Verdict

EYCE Molds created amazing lines silicone smoking and dabbing tools. Each one of them is highly functional and has exceptional durability. They are, however, lacking severely in portability, which is why EYCE created a portable bubbler to do away with mini pipes. Let’s have a look at the EYCE Hammer Bubbler and see what functionality it can offer.

The EYCE Hammer Bubbler

eyce hammer bubbler parts

The EYCE Hammer Bubbler comes in several removable parts for ease of use and maintenance.

The dimensions of this bubbler are 7.25” x 2.25” x 3.75” (LxWxH). It’s pretty small and compact for such a strong bubbler, but we’ll get to that in a bit. The entire body is made up of platinum-cured silicone that can withstand high temperatures and maintain its shape.

On top of the hammer is a removable cap that has a fixed diffuser downstem for smooth, easy rips. At the center of this cap is a receptacle to hold your boro glass bowl. When you tilt the hammer at the side, you’ll see your poker tool, which can be pretty convenient for those who always lose their cleaning implements. Just take it out from the side when the stem gets clogged, then put it back. You’ll also see the carb hole on the opposite side to help you control your hits.

Functionality and versatility

Now, we previously mentioned that this bubbler is small. However, this baby hits you hard and strong. It’s got almost the same effect as a bong because of the deep bowl.  With the wide downstem and mouthpiece diameter, your draws are incredibly easy and smooth. That is a feat for such a portable device, yet something that you can expect from any EYCE product.

Did you get one of our EYCE Dab Rigs? You’re in luck because you can use the stem cap with this bubbler! If you prefer to enjoy concentrates on the go, you’re more than able to do so with this hammer bubbler. No other hammer bubbler can have the same versatility as this one.

You’re probably thinking right now: hey, it’s silicone, won’t the smoke taste like plastic? EYCE is not your typical gasoline-station silicone bubbler. Using the latest technology and innovation, EYCE perfected silicone, making it almost as non-reactive as glass. It’s not going to give off any silicone essence that can interfere with your session.

eyce hammer bubbler top

You can replace the top and attach your EYCE dab rig cap for enjoying concentrates.

A few drawbacks to consider

Silicone is naturally opaque and dense. It doesn’t have the same clarity and brilliance as glass, which can be off-putting for those who are used to glass pipes. Aesthetically speaking, this pipe doesn’t hold much appeal. They can look drab to those who are looking for something flashy. The designs are also limited. You can have either a hammer that has a solid color, or a fatigue-motif. The color combo also leaves a lot to be desired. The colors don’t mix and match, but they don’t clash either. It’s definitely not a smoker that you’ll get as a fashion statement.

This will make it impossible for you to see the size of your hits compared to a glass bubbler. This also means you won’t be able to judge properly if your bubbler needs cleaning.

However, the more you use it, the more you’ll be able to get accustomed to it. Even with your eyes closed, you’ll feel, taste, and smell how your bubbler is working. If you’re new to smoking, this can be a drawback for you.

Cleanup is also a challenge. Because you can’t see the areas where there’s resin buildup or stuck residue, it’s hard to know if you’re done with the cleaning or if you still need to continue.


The EYCE Hammer Bubbler is one of the most dependable smoking devices that you can bring with you almost anywhere. With its platinum-cured silicone body, it can take all the blows, falls, and presses you can subject it to while you smoke. It may not have much on looks, but it’s more than capable of giving you bold, heavy rips for something so small and handy. It’s a great pair with your EYCE dab rig too! Don’t have an EYCE Hammer Bubbler yet? Click here now and get one before it runs out!


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