How to Fill and Use a Multiperc Bong

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How to Fill and Use a Multiperc Bong

Multiperc bongs like the Pulsar Straight Triple Turbine Perc Bong offer several layers of percolation for smoother, cooler rips compared percless or single-perc bongs. A multiperc bong is a water pipe that has several percolators in it, which are commonly attached within the tube. You can have two or more layers of the same type of percolator or a combination of different percolators. When you chug, smoke gets filtered with every pass on each chamber. The result is a cooler, smoother smoke that feels clean and tastes awesome. Here’s how to fill and use multiperc bongs so you can get comfortable in using them.

How to fill a multiperc bong

It may seem complex to fill up the percolators because they have separate and enclosed chambers that you don’t have direct access to. The trick in filling our multiperc bong is understanding the negative pressure behind the device. We won’t go to the precise details and everything. However, what negative pressure does in the bong is that it helps contain water within a specific area. In this instance, the pressure is within your perc chambers. Don’t worry; it’s easy to get past that negative pressure when you follow these steps.

  1. Place your bong on a solid, even surface like a table or countertop. Make sure that the mouthpiece is within your reach.
  2. Get a pitcher or cup and fill it with clean water.
  3. Pour water through the mouthpiece of the bong. Keep pouring water until the top percolator overflows and the water falls down to the second percolator.
  4. Continue until you see the second perc is topped with water.
  5. Blow through the mouthpiece to push the water down the third chamber.
  6. Keep filling until each perc is two-thirds full, or all the slits and holes are submerged. Don’t overfill the percs. When this happens, blow through the mouthpiece to push water down until you get the right water level.
  7. Next, pour water through the opening of the stem to fill the base.
  8. Pour until the base is two-thirds full, and the water covers two inches of the diffuser downstem.
  9. Take a pull test. If the bong is too quiet, add more water through the mouthpiece and blow down to even the water distribution. Should you get backsplash and there’s too much gurgling, blow down through the mouthpiece to remove excess water. Pour out the water through the stem and test the water level again.

Notice that we saved filling the bowl last? That’s because water from your percs will fall into the base. If you’ve filled the base with water, you’ll go above the optimum water level. Too much water will cause a backsplash, pull resistance, and interfere with smoke flavor.

Multiperc bongs like the Pulsar Double Showerhead Perc diffuses smoke into hundreds of tiny smoke bubbles for extreme filtration and maximum cooling.

How to use a multiperc bong

Using a multiperc bong is just the same as using a regular or single-perc bong. The only difference is that you’ll find a bit of pull resistance. This will depend on the type and number of percolators added to your smoking device.

  1. Fill your multiperc bong with water. Make sure that you wipe the stem dry to prevent thermal expansion.
  2. Insert the downstem.
  3. Grind your favorite herb and fill your bowl.
  4. Attach the bowl to the downstem.
  5. Get your lighter ready and pull through the mouthpiece, making sure that all percs are bubbling.
  6. Light your herb and continue pulling until you go the right amount of smoke that you need.
  7. Lift the bowl from the stem and inhale the smoke.
  8. Exhale and get ready for another awesome rip from your multi-perc bong.

Filling and using a multiperc bong may seem like a puzzle because you only have two openings to add water through the bong. The important thing to consider is that all the percs should have water in them. The holes or slits should also be fully submerged underwater to allow maximum colling and filtration. If your perc’s openings are not covered in water, you will only get diffused smoke that is hot and harsh on the throat.

Have you tried using a multiperc bong? What’s your favorite benefit? Please share your story in our comment section!


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