Frosted Wig Wag Accent Diffused Downstem Dab Rig 6.5″



  • 6.5” tall
  • Made from durable boro glass
  • Bent neck for comfortable use
  • Bell base design
  • Eye-catching wig wag accents
  • Fixed diffuser downstem
  • 14mm female joint
  • 14mm quartz banger included
  • Colors may vary

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Frosted and worked glass accents have a way of adding style and class to a rig. The mix makes your rig look lethally functional, making you look forward to fun times ahead.

The mouthpiece of this rig also has Maria ring accents, with its bulbar shape easy for your lips. The bent neck allows you to sit back and take a rip without leaning over the rig. The fix downstem also ends with a diffuser that disperses your vapor, allowing it to cool down for easy rips.

Have fun with your dabs, and enjoy the full flavor with each rip with this beautifully crafted dab rig.


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