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Why Do You Need A Glass Blunt

Why Do You Need A Glass Blunt

June 04, 2019 Glass Blunt

A glass blunt makes enjoying your herbs cool and easy. It has made using your herbs economical and eco-friendly. If you are not yet sure about it, here are several reasons why you ...

Twisty Glass Blunt FAQ

Twisty Glass Blunt FAQ

March 16, 2019 FAQ, Glass Blunt

Using a twisty glass blunt can be an enjoyable experience, but most have questions about its use. We’ll answer the most common questions here. If you have other questions, please...

How to Pack a Glass Blunt

How to Pack a Glass Blunt

January 05, 2019 Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are a common favorite among smokers because of their simplicity and portability. There are two types of glass blunts - the twisty glass blunt and the slide glass blunt...

How Many Grams of Product Can Glass Blunts Hold

December 28, 2018 Glass Blunt

Glass blunts give you the convenience of getting an instant hit from your herbs without having to roll them in paper. It’s one of those handheld pipes that are pretty straightforward to use: just load, twist, and light away. You can use them as is ...


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