Glass Eyeball Boro Glass Long Spoon Hand Pipe 7″



  • 7” long
  • Made with durable boro glass
  • Long, twisted stem cools down smoke
  • Slender and thin for easy rips
  • Deep push bowl for a satisfying session
  • Realistic eyeball design

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Creepy yet functional, this long spoon hand pipe is one that will make you and your friends cringe and laugh at the same time.

Thi glass is realistically decorated, making it a good gag gift or a theme pipe for a party. The long, curved stem helps cool down smoke, making your hits easy to take. The carb hole at the left side of the bowl gives you full control and mastery of your smoke.

Whether it’s for smoking, gag trips, this pipe will be a great purchase to add to your collection.


Additional information

Weight0.182 lbs
Dimensions7.5 × 2.1 × 1.5 in

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