Glow in the Dark Pineapple Perc Dab Rig 11″



  • 11” tall
  • Straight tube design
  • Flared mouthpiece for comfortable rips
  • Stable round base keeps it in place
  • Made from durable boro glass
  • Worked glass pineapple perc
  • Glow in the dark bead accents for striking subtlety
  • 19mm female joint
  • 19mm male quartz banger included

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Tangy-sweet and juicy is what most people will describe a pineapple. You’ll undoubtedly get a sweet and tasty experience when you hit this Pineapple Perc Dab Rig.

The straight tube design is loved by many because it’s easy to use. You don’t need a lot of water to get some dab action going, and you’ll still get bold flavorful hits. With a 19mm joint, hitting this big dab rig is easy and doesn’t have that much resistance.

The glow in the dark accents gives off a subtle glow, giving the pineapple an ethereal, fantasy-land appearance. The pineapple functions as a perc, diffusing your hits to cool it down and make it easy on your throat.

This is a dab rig you’d want to have when you throw a tropical party with your friends!


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