Glowfly Glass: High-Quality Glass Pieces with Style and Function

January 23, 2020 Brands

Glowfly Glass: High-Quality Glass Pieces with Style and Function

We’ve reviewed several glass brands like GRAV, the miniature pieces of MJ Arsenal, as well as Diamond Glass. Today, we’ll be featuring Glowfly Glass, one of the stylish yet affordable glass brands that have more than 100 pieces in their catalog.

What is Glowfly Glass?

The company started in 2003 in Central Phoenix, Arizona. As an American brand, the goal is to provide avid smokers with affordable yet exceptional glass pieces. In 2007, they decided to enter the glassblowing industry, entering their first trade show in the same year.

Glowfly Glass 14mm Female Tree Arm Perc Bong 20 inch

Most of the Glowfly bongs you’ll see are tall, but they do have other smaller bongs for those looking for portability and easy hits.

As the years roll by, they continue to improve and innovate their glass creations every year. With their passion for glass, they soon extended their reach all over the US, Canada, Mexico, as well as Europe. All of their products are made using durable, high-quality borosilicate glass that lasts long and remains functional for years.

What glass products do they have?

Glowfly glass created an extensive line of bongs, dab rigs, and steam rollers. Let’s have a look at each of them one by one!

Glowfly bongs

You’ll never get tired at shopping for Glowfly bongs. They come in different shapes and sizes that will satisfy both beginners and contenders. Most of the bongs you’ll get have a round base. They provide better stability compared to straight-tube bongs, but a bit on the wobbly side if you’re going to put it against a beaker. They also got some straight tubes and beaker bongs for those who lean towards the traditional, scientific vibe of bongs.

The smallest that they have is an 8”, which is the optimum size for bongs for beginners and experienced smokers. However, if there’s anything you can say about this company is that they absolutely love tall bongs. The tallest that we have here is the 20” Double Tree Arm Perc Bong. However, you can get one that is 27” tall. Definitely, something that you need if you want to clear a full bowl or have massive pull and lung power.

Zong can also go well with their steamroller, like this 10.5” with warped glass design.

We can’t discount the zong-style bongs that they have. With the zig-zagging smoke chamber, it’s another must-have for those who demand dry hits.  These bongs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have one to four curves, while others have a thorn-like design for an edgy look that will dare almost anyone to challenge it.

Dab Rigs

Although less popular compared to their herb counterparts, Glowfly dab rigs have a more muted and scientific look. Most of the dab rigs are domeless and come with honeycomb discs. Some have tree perc as well as an ice catcher to further cool down your hits.

You can get their rigs in straight tubes, can, and in a tiered design. Just like their bongs, you can also find one that has a zong shape for dry, cool hits.


Glowfly steamrollers are for those looking for that punch-in-the-face effect from their herbs. You can get a classic steamroller like this Retro-Style 9” steamroller. It’s a long steamroller, which can help cool down smoke a bit and give you an effect almost similar to a bong. If you want a more modern take on steamrollers, you can get the Zong Steamroller in warped glass design. The winding smoke path and the long tube helps to lower the heat. It’s a great compliment to its big bowl which is almost the same size as your bong’s herb slide. These are definitely pipes that you’re going to need if you dislike the wet hits and toned-down flavor of wet pipes.

Glowfly Glass continues to improve their glass production. They continue to adapt their design, catering to both traditional and modern smokers who are looking for something familiar yet out of the ordinary. With strict American standards in quality and design, these glass pieces deliver top-notch functionality without breaking the bank. If you’re on a budget yet crave style and functionality, this brand will be able to deliver and more.

Want to have one as your go-to glass piece? Check out our store and see which one will be the perfect partner for your herbs.


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