Grav Labs Bubbler: A Smooth Way to Smoke

December 12, 2019 Bubbler Pipes

Grav Labs Bubbler: A Smooth Way to Smoke

GRAV (formerly known as GRAV labs) created and innovated several smoking products that gave them a name in the industry. Starting from the Gravitron, the first commercially available glass gravity bong, they now have several pipes up their sleeves. The GRAV bubbler is one of their smoking pipes that provide satisfying sessions due to their style and design.

The glass bubbler pipe by GRAV labs

When you get your GRAV bubbler, you’ll immediately notice the quality. It’s made with premium-grade borosilicate glass, the same material used in your chemistry lab glass instruments. It doesn’t easily break and has better thermal resistance than ordinary glass.

All GRAV Labs glass bubblers come with a bowl, either a push bowl or a removable herb slide. They are designed with balance and comfort in mind for easy use and convenience, and each has its own style as well as functionality.

Grav Labs Glass 10mm Female Fixed Downstem Perc Pocket Bubbler 4"

Sleek and modern, this GRAV bubbler hits you in the right spot.

Bubbler styles

Everyone has their own unique and special way of smoking herbs, which is why GRAV designed different bubblers for your smoking needs.

There’s the GRAV Hammer bubbler, which is probably the most popular bubbler design that they have. Commonly identified as a GRAV Labs bubbler 32mm, the hammer bubbler got quite a following because of the excellent airflow and unrestricted hits. The bubbler feels natural to hold and gives a satisfyingly pleasurable smoking experience. With its little feet, the pipe can stay still on your counter or any table in between hits — no worries of tipping or spilling herbs when you put it down.

Second is the GRAV upright bubbler. You can get a small one that is 6” tall, or something as big as 9”. Although you can get one in 32mm tubing, most of these GRAV upright bubblers come in 50m to 44mm tubing for big, flavorful hits. Small as they are, they pack quite a punch. They often come with an herb slide that can act as a one-hitter or one for shared smoking.

New on their line of bubblers is the GRAV Sip series, which are bubblers that have straw mouthpieces. You take your hits like you’re drinking your favorite beverages, and the bubblers are shaped as such! You have the GRAV Slush Cup that has an enforced diffuser downstem and Dewar-seal joints to keep it solid. Another is the GRAV Martini Shaker that gives you plenty of room for water and ice for cool, smooth hits. Other bubblers in this series are the GRAV Coffee Mug,  GRAV Milk Carton, and the GRAV Martini Glass.

Grav Labs Glass Coffee Mug Bubbler 7 inch

You’re going to love waking up with this bubbler.

Is the GRAV Bubbler for me?

Beginners will love how easy these bubblers are to use. They are light weight, both in smoke and in feel. It’s not as heavy to carry as a bong, and not as overpowering. Unlike bongs, you only need a little water to appreciate your GRAV bubbler’s functionality. It’s easy to get used to because of the size, and they don’t have that much learning curve for you to deal with. Maintenance is also a breeze due to their size and design. You also don’t have to worry about spills. Aside from the fact that they don’t topple over that easily, these bubblers are designed to keep the water inside the chamber. Although it’s easy to add water and ice in, it’s equally as hard for water to spill out.

As for experts who wish to use the GRAV Labs bubbler, you have to choose your bubbler carefully. You may have to go for the SIP Series or get the large bubblers to get the effect that you need from your herbs. Still, they give an enjoyable indulgence overall, and many love their portability and style.

If you’re looking for a portable pipe that can give you smooth, filtered hits without the frills, the GRAV bubbler is the one for you. With various designs to choose from, you’re sure to get the one that can be your go-to companion for a quick fix or a long, relaxing me-time. Expertly made, your bubbler can deliver one of the smoothest smoking experience that you’ll get.

Have you tried using a GRAV bubbler? Which one is your favorite? Some of us here in Big Daddy Smoke prefer the Milk Carton Mini Bubbler, but we do appreciate the discreetness of the Round Glass Pocket Bubbler. Got questions or want to share your GRAV Bubbler experience? Please don’t be shy and hit us up in the comment section!


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