GRAV Labs: Science and Innovation in a Glass

October 19, 2019 Brands

GRAV Labs: Science and Innovation in a Glass

GRAV Labs or GRAV, as they are now called is one of the pioneers and leaders in glass pipes. Since the launch of their flagship the Gravitron, the company has made a name for itself for making high-quality scientific glass pieces.

How GRAV Glass started

It all started when Dave Daily experimented in creating a GRAVity bong made out of glass. In 2004, he created and released the GRAVitron, the first commercially produced glass GRAVity bong. Spurred on with his success, Dave purchased a set of glassblowing equipment to create even more water pipes. From then on, GRAV uses thick borosilicate glass that is high-quality and medical-grade in all of their products except for a few quartz pieces.

The GRAV Large Upline Glass Bong is a lovingly crafted glass piece by the Great Micah Evans, featuring a multi-chamber and a ladder perc for optimal filtration.

GRAV bongs

Many love their GRAV Labs bong because of its sturdy, solid piece. It can take a topple or two, and a small fall without any worries. The pulls are smooth, and the ice catchers work well in holding in ice for cool hits.

GRAV continues to make innovations with their design even after the GRAV Labs Gravity Bong. One is the Upline bong that has a ladder perc that is perfect for those who like to pull hard on their water pipe. With a limited water chamber, you get the full flavor of your herbs without the harsh dryness that you will get from a joint or dry pipe.

The GRAV Labs Beaker Bong also had a few updates in the design like this 12” inch 14mm Female Beaker bong. The slimmer base and the innovative ice pincher makes this bong easy to clean. Don’t be fooled because this baby still packs quite a punch, so be ready when you take a hit.

GRAV Pipes

The GRAV Labs pipe selection is almost endless. Your choices include:




  • Steamroller
  • Sherlock
  • Chillum
  • Spoon
  • Taster
  • Crutch
  • Hammer pipe

One of the popular GRAV Labs pipes is their Hammer Pipe designed by Stephan and Micah. It’s got a nice good-sized bowl that allows you to pack a one-hitter or for sharing. It fits right in your hand, and the angled base makes it stable on any flat surface.

Another bestseller is their thick, classic spoon that is small enough to carry with you anywhere. It’s got a well-balanced design with a No-Ash mouthpiece to keep you from inhaling debris with each hit. It’s also easy to clean which makes it overall a really lovely glass piece.

The GRAV Upline Hammer Bubbler is a behemoth but will be the smoothest bubbler you’ll ever own.

GRAV Bubbler

Their bubbler line is short of being amazing. You have several designs to choose from like this conical 10mm Female Fixed Downstem Perc Pocket Bubbler that measures 4”. It’s the perfect size for travelers and your ideal partner for on-the-go smoking sessions.

Still, nothing beats the classic, and the Upright Thick Glass Bubbler with Showerhead Perc Downstem is one of their bestsellers. Standing 7” tall, it can accommodate 2” of water for smooth, powerful hits. You can use it for a quick solo session, and the small bowl can help you conserve your flower. Just like their other glass products, this one hits hard like you just ripped a 14” bong.

GRAV Dab Rig

Of course, we cannot discount the GRAV Labs dab rig. The Orbis Lume Dab Rig is an amazing design by Micah Evans. At 6.5” tall, it sits perfectly on the table without occupying too much space. The perc makes this dab rig hit smooth, and the taste is amazing. It’s convenient to use, and the thick boro glass makes it super sturdy.


GRAV also has accessories for your bong and dab rig. If you want to add a bit of sophistication to your bong, the GRAV Arcline Bowl by Stephan Pierce is a great accessory to add to your bong. Nice and solid, this bowl is easy to smoke and cleanup is a breeze. A little heavy, but not too much that it will unbalance your bong.

If you’re looking for unique scientific glassware with modern innovation and style, GRAV is a great brand to go to. Sophisticated, functional and durable, you’ll never go wrong with getting a GRAV glass piece. Get your bong, dab rig, or hand pipe now by browsing through our shop before they go out of stock.


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