Grav Labs Discreet Round Glass 10mm Female Mini Pocket Bubbler 4″



  • 4” tall
  • Durable borosilicate glass
  • Can be used for herbs and concentrates
  • Makes smoking a blunt or joint smooth and easy
  • Dependable flat bottom keeps the bubbler in place
  • Compact, discreet design
  • Easy to store and conceal
  • 10mm female joint

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Bring the fun with you everywhere you go! This mini bubbler is so small you can keep it in your pocket.

It’s a one-of-a-kind versatile bubbler that has a lot of versatility for its size. You can use an herb slide or a banger for a quick session anywhere. Broke your herb slide? No problem! Roll up a joint or a blunt and stick it inside the stem. It’s an all-around bubbler that gives you flexibility and freedom to choose how you want to do your sesh.

Small in size, big in hits. This is one bubbler you’ll have a blast smoking, whether solo or with friends!


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Weight0.308 lbs
Dimensions4.4 × 2.7 × 2.7 in

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