Grav Labs Fixed Fission Downstem Martini Shaker Bubbler 7.5″



  • 7.5” tall
  • Fun martini shaker design
  • Made from durable boro glass
  • Fission downstem diffuses and filters smoke for smooth, clean hits
  • Narrowed mouthpiece means comfortable rips with less splashback
  • Tight joint seams keeps water in for no-spill enjoyment
  • 14mm female joint
  • 14mm male herb slide included
  • Part of the GRAV SIP Series

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Shake up the party with this GRAV Martini Shaker. Part of the GRAV Sip Series, it’s a bubbler that you and your friends can pass around for endless fun. The 7.5” body has enough room for water without causing splashback. With the fixed diffuser downstem, you’ll get thick, smooth, and clean hits packed with flavor. The enforced downstem makes it easy for you to hold it and walk around in your party. It’s a bubbler made for people who love to mingle.


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