Grav Labs Fixed Fission Downstem Milk Carton Mini Bubbler 4″



  • 4” tall
  • Nostalgic milk carton design
  • Fixed diffuser downstem for clean, smooth hits
  • Broad sturdy cube base keeps it from falling over easily
  • Amazingly easy pulls with little resistance
  • Handy and compact
  • 14mm female joint
  • 14mm male herb slide included
  • Part of the GRAV Sip Series

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Who said you’d outgrown milk? This Milk Carton Mini bubbler is part of GRAV’s SIP Series designed to give you a milky smoking experience. Cute and easy to clean, it’s a fun conversational piece that will provide you with a blast from the past with each hit. Hate splashback? This bubbler has a narrow spout that prevents water from getting out. You only get dry hits that you’d want to repeat over and over again. Don’t let the design fool you, as this is one of the most functional modern bubblers you won’t regret buying. Cool, distinct, and different, this is a GRAV series you’d want to get and collect.


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