Helix Chillum Review: A Whole New Level for One-Hitters

January 25, 2020 Product Reviews

Helix Chillum Review: A Whole New Level for One-Hitters

One-hitters are amazing when you need an instant gratification under time pressure. You get the full taste of your herbs, and you don’t have to do a lot to get it going – especially if you’ve got a dugout. However, they can be overwhelming for some, especially for those who aren’t used to hitting a dry pipe. GRAV was able to find a way to make one-hitter hits smooth and easy to use with their Helix Chillum.

What is a Helix Chillum?

Notice the slits at the base of the Venturi chamber that gives the chillum its tornado helix effect.

When most chillums come in straight cylinders, the GRAV Helix has a conical shape. However, it’s still as small as a lighter, with a round chamber. It’s just the right size to fit inside your pocket, allowing you to take it virtually almost anywhere. It’s got a round mouthpiece makes it easy for you to create a seal with your lips for drag-free rips.

It’s decorated with a Helix logo that comes in different attractive colors, creating a beautiful accent against clear boro glass. At the base of the pipe is a marble stopper that serves as a prop and prevents your chillum from rolling over.

Let’s face it; glass is fragile and will break. However, what’s not okay is breaking at the smallest amount of pressure. This highly portable chillum may not be as sturdy as a rock, but it’s no fragile magnolia either. No need to nurse it like you’re holding an egg, and with proper handling, the Helix can last you for years.

How does the Helix Chillum work?

Two things make the architecture of this GRAV chillum rock.  Let’s start at the base of the bowl. There’s a cylindrical tube akin to something like that of an hourglass. This narrowing passage helps change the pressure as well as the speed of smoke coming inside the Helix Chillum. Once the smoke passes through, it allows the smoke to travel faster.

Next is the smoke chamber, which is called the Venturi chamber. At the base of the cone are micro-slits angled towards the inner walls of the chillum. What it does is that it allows air to go inside the chamber in a spinning direction. As a result, you’ll get a tornado effect, with smoke swirling inside the chamber in a beautiful helix pattern.

Pull using the right pressure, and you’ll enjoy a good Venturi display.

This action is more than just for show, though. As the air and smoke spin around together inside the chamber, two things happen. One is that smoke temperature cools down as it mixes with air. Once air and smoke mix, the density of the smoke lightens, allowing it to have the same consistency as air. The result is smoke that is easy on the throat and on the lungs. This way, there’s no need to do the traditional hold of the chillum and hit the smoke from your cupped hands.

How do you use it?

There’s a technique to using the helix one-hitter to get the right Venturi action.

  1. Grind your herbs to a medium-coarse texture and pack the bowl firmly, but not too tight.
  2. Cover the carb hole with your finger and pull through the mouthpiece.
  3. Light up the bowl with a lighter or a lit wick.
  4. Continue pulling through the mouthpiece, increasing the pressure until you see the tornado action. If it’s too light, smoke will go on a lazy journey inside the chamber. Pull too hard and you’ll get a violent dispersion of smoke without the helix effect.
  5. Once you got the amount of smoke you want, release the carb hole and pull in the smoke.
  6. Keep it in for 2-3 and exhale.

Helix Chillum hits

Many love this chillum because it’s the perfect one-hitter for those who are always active and on the go.  The perfectly designed Venturi chamber gives you a smooth, burn-free hit. Because the air blends so well with the smoke, you feel a significant cool-down on the temperature compared to when you’re hitting a regular chillum.

Many compare its hits similar to a bong, only in a convenient handy size. With the way that it hits, it can help you extend your stash longer, saving you money. However, it is a true one-hitter, which means you’ve got to get the Helix Bong if you want a longer, extended session. For instant gratification, though, this is more than ideal.

Want to have one? Click here now and order the chillum that will be your go-to one-hitter!



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