Green 10oz Ceramic Cereal Bowl Bong



  • 10oz size
  • Ceramic cereal bowl for eating cereals, soups, or snacks
  • Built-in pipe for ideal
  • Wake & Bake motif
  • Deep bowl for leisurely smoking
  • Carb hole to control airflow and make your hits smooth
  • Comes in an attractive green color

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Greet the mornings with a healthy breakfast and a dose of your favorite herb blend! This green ceramic bowl is a combination of a cereal bowl and a pipe. You can use it for cereals, salads, soups, snacks, or just about anything you’d want to eat while you’re binging on Netflix or YouTube. If you desire a full, hot meal, place your food in the bowl and pop it in the microwave! Once don’t you’re ready to eat and smoke. It’s a convenient handy bowl that every herb lover should have.


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