Beginner’s Guide in Choosing the Top Bong Brands in 2018

August 19, 2018 Bong Posts

Beginner’s Guide in Choosing the Top Bong Brands in 2018

Bong is famous worldwide due to its efficacy among the users. Today’s era is filled with different smoking culture, so investing in the best bong companies is a good idea. Affluent individuals are careful in choosing the right item for them, so they prefer expensive and world-class brands. For those who are on a tight budget but are craving for the right bong, there are still a lot of labels and brands that are highly economical.

Where to Buy the Best Brands for Your Hobby

When you shop for a new bong, you usually head out to your local store and see what they’re offering. Local business is good, but it limits your choices. Today, it is easier for you to shop for all kinds of smoking accessories and equipment than before. As with other commercial products, a vast amount of top bong retailers online can be found on the internet. Not only does selling online allows the seller to communicate with a broader audience, but it also gives buyers the freedom to purchase from home.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Quality Bong Online

There are different options if you want to buy the best bong brand. The features to consider are sizes, shapes, brands, and labels. Always go from the best bong brand list since they are known for their effectiveness and high quality. Most tobacco and herb users worldwide are using bong which is made of acrylic or glass. So if you are a smoker and you don’t want to change your habits, you can still experience a new way of smoking and appreciate what the culture has bought to this world.

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List of High-Quality Bong Brands to Buy in 2018

#1 Boom Felazi: Glass will always be the best material to use for bongs. Boom Felazi became famous due to their uniqueness, authenticity, and affordable bong prices. Every single piece reflects the culture and the glass blower behind them.

#2 Hi Si: This an all-American lab business in northern California. With 30 years of experience, Hi Si bongs are focused on accuracy and scientifically made glass to minimize various health problems arising from smoking a dry, hot smoke. Built to last for a long time, they are one of the most sought-after manufacturers on the market.

#3 Illadelph Glass: Ever since they dominate the industry because they are one of the best bong sellers in the market that never fail to amaze the users. They blow only quality borosilicate glass art, and they are continually bringing and innovating new stuff like disc percs, coil condensers, multi-hole bowls, pyramid percs, and up stem ash catchers.

#4 Grav Labs: This brand and model catches a lot of attention. They put out a great glass and offers the item at a price that is more reasonable than other high-quality models and brands. Originated from Austin, Texas, its signature pieces are the upline water pipes and cup bubbler. They are known for their numerous hits, and quality feel.

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#5 Mathematix: They are one of the best bong companies as they are known for their hand pipes and exceptional designs. They blow rig- shaped dab like duck and gumball machines. The six arm downstems feature will create a smoother smoke. The best thing about this brand is the fact that they are pretty affordable.

#6 Empire Glassworks: When it comes to art, Empire is the number one. Being one of the best bong companies, the brand focuses on creativity and functionality. They have items that are shaped like a Pokemon dab rig or a dragon ball. They are the brand you can trust when you are looking for an artistic glass pipe.

No matter where you’re from, you can usually find something to your taste, especially with the variety of products sold in online shops. The best bong brands have strict quality control. They innovate and stand behind their products.

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