Helix Pipe: For Smoke Light As Air

February 27, 2020 Product Reviews

Helix Pipe: For Smoke Light As Air

Smoking a dry pipe like a spoon or steamroller can be too strong for some. The heavy experience is obvious, especially for those who started with a bong. Water pipes like bongs and bubblers can help soften the harshness of smoke by filtering out combusted material. You also get cooler smoke because of the heat transfer between smoke and water. However, to much water can dull the flavor of your herbs as some can get filtered out. For a smoker who wants the full smoking experience minus the wetness, the Helix pipe is the perfect companion.

What is a helix pipe?

The Helix Pipe is an innovation in glass created by Boxfan, a glass artist under the world-famous Bob Snodgrass. The concept and design started at around the 1990’s, with its fame rising by 2000. Boxfan dedicated his time and skill in creating the American Helix. The products soon became one of the top-selling brands in the market. You can no see several Helix pipes

The Helix Glass is one of the iconic smoking device that is a combination of design, engineering, and science. The secret of the design lies on the Venturi chamber, a compartment that is more than just for visual.

The Venturi Chamber works in two ways. One is it regulates pressure increasing the speed of travel of smoke for an effortless draw. Another is through the mechanism of micro vents added at the base of the chamber. If you look closely at the vents, you’ll see that they are angled towards the wall. This will cause the air to spin with the smoke, creating a helix tornado effect.

The Helix product line

There are many designs for you to choose from that will help you get that unique and cool sesh.

grav helix beaker bongGRAV Helix bong

We love the Helix bong because it utilizes two elements to filter and cool down your smoke: water and air. You can get it in a beaker style or striaght tube with a perc at the bottom.



GRAV Helix spoon pipe

Aside from the Venturi chamber, the helix spoon has a unique bowl. Instead of going straight down, the push bowl is angled forward toward the carb hole. The result is a smooth, cool smoke that you think would be impossible to get from a spoon.


GRAV Helix chillum

One of the hand pipes you should get, the Helix chillum makes small, instant hits a breeze. You can easily tuck it in your pocket once you’re done. If your friend does happen to bring a joint, hit it with your chillum and enjoy a cleaner, smoother flavor.



GRAV Helix steamrollerGrav Labs Helix Boro Glass Steamroller Pipe.

Steamrollers are great for that punch-in-the-face kind of hit. It’s one of the best hand pipes for those who are looking for a deeper, bigger, stronger effect from their herbs.



The Helix experience

This makes drawing from the vortex line easy and almost effortless. Whether you’re using a bong or a hand pipe, each pull is as easy as the first one. Are you’re having a sesh with occasional smokers? Or are you among those who have trouble keeping in smoke? Go with this design. Because the air makes the smoke lighter, it’s easily absorbed in your lungs. The Helix is perfect for people who have difficulty in taking in dense, heavy smoke

There is a bit of a learning curve to get the helix type of tornado going. You have to draw in at the right pressure for you to appreciate the display. But once you got the system down to pat, the hits are smooth and solid. . Many are loving the light smoke that they’re getting . There’s no compromise on flavor and hit.

With its premium borosilicate glass, you’ll have hours of smoking enjoyment. GRAV pipes are known for their outstanding smoking products, and you can rest assured depend on your Helix piece.

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