Best Herb Grinder for Vaporizer Use

April 01, 2020 Grinders

Best Herb Grinder for Vaporizer Use

They say packing your vaporizer right can make or break your vaping experience, and it’s true. If you don’t pack your vaporizer right, you’ll get air pockets, draw resistance, and even poorly vaped herbs. However, one of the secrets of packing your vaporizer right is getting that fine, fluffy grind. If you’re looking for the best herb grinder for vaporizer use, take a look at our list below.

Santa Cruz Shredder 4-pc Grinder

The Santa Cruz shredder is one of the all-time favorites for both smoking and vaping enthusiasts. It can give you the right consistency for your conduction vaporizer – not too fine, but not too coarse either.

What’s good about this grinder is that herbs don’t stick too much to the interior. As long as you keep it well-maintained, you can get all of your ground herbs. It’s got an anodized finish, protecting it from damage and scratches when you have clumsy hands. The material also stands long against wear and tear, allowing you to use the grinder longer.

The innovative design of the Santa Cruz Shredder makes it ideal for vaporizers. It’s got squared-off teeth that shred your herbs to a powder-like consistency. The added screen lets you catch kief for an enhanced vaping session.

Space Case 4-pc Grinder

Another favorite, the Space Case Grinder can do a better job in grinding your herbs. You can pair it perfectly with your conduction vaporizer like the PAX. It’s designed to last long, and this 4-pc grinder is made using aircraft-grade aluminum. With its sharp teeth and perfect molds, grinding is smooth and easy even with the toughest nug that you’ve got.

The grinder comes in different sizes, giving you the option of grinding just the right amount of herbs for your sesh. The build quality is excellent, with some Space Case grinders lasting for ten years. Some do find that herbs catch in between the teeth, and the compartments tend to get stuck together. However, most agree it’s one of the best grinders that you can use for your vaporizer.

MFLB Finishing Grinder

The Magic Flight Launch Box grinder does an excellent job of producing very fine, almost powder-like consistency. If you’ve got a mill that is great for preparing herbs for bowls, but not vapes, you can finish it with the MFLB finishing grinder.

This grinder is specifically designed for the Magic Flight. Its compact size allows you to set it on top of the Magic Flight, making dispensing so easy and convenient. Regardless, it’s still one of the best herb grinder for a vaporizer that needs a fluffy grind like the Storz & Bickel Mighty.

The downside is that you need to grind your herb first before you can use the grinder. You have the option of doing so, but it will take you longer because of its small size and fine teeth.

best herb grinder for vaporizer storz & bickelStorz & Bickel Volcano Herb Grinder

Let’s not discount desktop vaporizers, especially the Volcano. Considered as one of the best desktop vaporizers in the market, the Volcano comes with its own dedicated herb grinder. The 2-pc acrylic grinder has a shark tooth design that produces that perfect consistency.

What’s lacking on the Volcano grinder is that it doesn’t have a storage compartment or a pollen catcher. If you’ve got grip problems, you may experience some spill when you open the lid. Still, it provides excellent grind consistency, making it one of the favorite grinders of vapers.

In general, a 4-pc herb grinder is the best herb grinder for vaporizer use. They are often designed with more teeth and tight compartments. This allows you to get that fine grind that vaporizers need. Just remember the rule of thumb. Conduction vaporizers need a fluffy fine grind that will make it easy for you to pack the herbs for better heat transfer. Convection vaporizers, on the other hand, need some space for airflow, so you need medium grind. Not too coarse, but not too fine either.

The best herb grinders give you that perfect consistency every time you prepare your dry herb. You’ll notice a big difference when it comes to draw resistance, flavor, and potency. If you want to get an affordable yet high-quality grinder for your vaporizer, click here now and choose among our hand-picked brands!


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