How Does a Bubbler Pipe Work And How To Use It

December 08, 2018 Bubbler Pipes

How Does a Bubbler Pipe Work And How To Use It

A bubbler pipe is like when a pipe and a bong got married and had a baby that inherited the best features of both. You smoke the bubbler pipe like you would your regular pipe. You light up the herb, and the cherry keeps going until you consume all the herb.

Now, just like a bong, the water inside the bubbler pipe filters the smoke. This gives you a smoother hit than you would get in a regular pipe. Is it like a mini bong? Yes and no. The bubbler pipe can be as small as a mini bong, but there are smaller bubbler pipes that can hide inside your hand. The difference is that the chamber of the bubbler pipe holds less water compared to a mini bong.

How does a bubbler pipe work?

Most prefer the bubbler because you get almost the same intensity of flavor like you would a pipe. The only difference is that the smoke from the bowl goes through the water before going up to the smoke chamber. This cools the smoke, making the hit smoother. The water also filters the smoke, removing most of the toxins that can harm your lungs. The result is a cooler hit minus the massive bulk of a bong.

Pulsar thick glass bubbler

How to use a bubbler pipe

  • Fill up the bubbler pipe with water. You can let the water run through the carb hole or mouthpiece, but the easiest way is through the bowl.
  • Test the water level of the bubbler pipe by taking a hit with an empty bowl. You should hear a good bubbling sound with each pull. If it’s a bit soft, add more. If the water splashed inside your mouth, reduce the amount of water.
  • Wipe the bowl dry with a clean cloth. Make sure it’s completely dry, or your herb won’t light up.
  • Use a grinder, scissors, or your fingers to break up your nug. Pack up the bowl with enough herb to reach the inner rim of the bowl
  • Hold the bubbler pipe with your non-dominant hand, placing your thumb on the carb hole.
  • Place the mouthpiece to your lips and draw in until you hear a good gurgling sound.
  • Maintain the pull and use a lighter or a hemp wick and heat up your herb.
  • Wait for the bubbler to fill up with smoke, gathering as much milk as you can.
  • Remove your thumb from the carb hole and take a good hit. Smoke gets in your lungs the moment you release the carb hole.
  • Repeat the process and enjoy the hit.

General tips:

  • Light up a small portion of the herb at an angle. This way, you keep the cherry going without burning up the herb too fast.
  • Make sure you get a good level of water in the chamber. Less water gives you harsh hits that can irritate your lungs. Too much water can backsplash and may result in stale smoke. The best water level is when the downstem is half-submerged in water.
  • Always clean your bubbler pipe regularly. The small size makes it difficult to clean resin build-up.

Now that you know how to use a bubbler pipe check out our collection. Their small sizes make it perfect for those who are traveling or wish to have a discreet hit while out with friends and family.


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