How Does a Nectar Collector Work and How To Use It

December 15, 2018 Nectar Collectors

How Does a Nectar Collector Work and How To Use It

A nectar collector is like a combination of a dab rig and a bong but made specifically to consume wax and concentrates. It helps you save up on concentrates because it allows you to consume them straight from the container.

It usually comes with three parts. The tip, which is often called the nail that you will heat up to enjoy your concentrates. The body which encases the percolator for cooling and filtration purposes. Then the mouthpiece, which is often called the top straw where you suck in the smoke from your concentrates.

How does a nectar collector work?

A nectar collector uses the action of direct heat. You torch up the nail, and the high temperature vaporizes the concentrate it comes in contact with. This produces smoke that you will suck in through the mouthpiece. Smoke travels through the percolator, cooling the vapor and filtering out any harsh toxins. The result is a heat that gives you the full flavor of your concentrates.


The good thing about nectar collectors is that you only consume what the tip vaporizes. You save a lot of concentrates that way since you don’t have any wastage like you would in dab rigs. You also get to enjoy the full flavor of your concentrates. It’s easy to use, portable, and you can use it with just one hand.

How to use a nectar collector

Using a nectar collector is pretty much like using a straw, only with the presence of heat.

  1. Clean your metal collector. Make sure that the tip is dry. Set the mouthpiece and the tip aside in a secure place.
  2. Fill up the body with water by slowly pouring it through where the mouthpiece goes through. The water level should be slightly less than halfway for optimal percolation.
  3. Insert the mouthpiece to the base. It’s advisable to use joint wax to help prevent the parts from moving or getting pulled apart.
  4. Insert the tip to the base, also using joint wax to keep it in place.
  5. Hold your nectar collector horizontally and heat the tip with a torch. The fastest way to heat it is to use to let the tip come in contact with the blue flame instead of the yellow one
  6. Heat it until it glows slightly bright red. Use a brushing motion to for even heat distribution and to prolong the life of your tip. BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN YOURSELF.
  7. Let it cool a bit, then inhale as you dip it into your concentrate. The longer you press the nail against the concentrate, the bigger the dab. Control your dab by tapping the nail tip until you got your desired amount of vapor.
  8. Take a drag then remove the nectar collector from the container when you got enough.
  9. Exhale and enjoy your hit.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use wax joint by applying it thinly on the mail joint. Heat it with a torch and insert the male joint once the wax starts to melt. Twist the joints to spread the wax, stopping until the joints are set.
  • Always make sure that the tip is dry before use to prevent cracking your nectar collector.
  • Blow through the mouthpiece will help remove water if you got a fixed mouthpiece design.

Invest in a quality nectar collector. You are working with direct heat and high temperatures. A flimsy nectar collector could easily shatter and can lead to dangerous accidents. Our collection of glass and silicone nectar collectors come from trusted brands that are safe and easy to use.

Buy your nectar collectors here and contact us at 1 (877) 960-2151 for your questions about our nectar collectors!


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